Christopher Matthew Nico Wang ( Nico Wijaya ) is a professional freelance Illustrator / CG Artist from Indonesia. Best known as specialist on Cover Art Books & Premium Caricatures. Nowdays as freelancer Illustrator & Designer, Christopher Nico and Agnes Christina ( his wife ) established their own small company, Reins Studio, with sub division: Reins Illustration Studio, Reins Creative House and Reins Collectible Premium Caricatures. Together they are providing services for high quality design and digital illustration with various art styles. Their style of design and drawing may be as varied as the colours of a chameleon but one thing is constant - A Quality. Their clients are various companies, such publisher, printing, games developer/publisher, educating institute, individual clients, etc. Serve both on Local Companies and International Companies. Christopher Nico always put always put a pure spirit, passion and perfection into arts. Care about the client ask, and not just to make money because for the price that client pay. His client certainly get the value, quality and satisfication. If you have any further inquiries regarding caricatures, design & illustration rates, order system, work system, availability of slot projects, availability for advertising opportunities, convention or seminar appearances. Please contact: https://www.facebook.com/Reins.Studio https://www.facebook.com/Reins.Collectible.Premium.Caricatures https://www.facebook.com/Reins.Creative.House https://www.instagram.com/artofchristophernico/ https://www.instagram.com/reinspremiumcaricature/ https://www.instagram.com/reinscreativehouse/ E-mail : reinsstudio@gmail.com WhatsApp : +628123261645 Available For : Freelancing Illustration - Short or Long Project Term Contract - Creative, Art and Visualization Consulting.