I´m an artist from berlin, germany. mixed media on canvas, objects , illustrations and walls is what i´m doing mostly. i´m trying to break up the perfect computer generated look of most things today in a lightly destructed look, with cracks and drips. many of my artworks are colorful, because too much grey things sourround us every day. i like urban elements, even if they are grey, i just add colors. exhibitions so far: 2000 Demonstrat graffitti on canvas, Berlin 2006 Funk-Store, Oranienburgerstr, Berlin 2008 Funk-Store, Oranienburgerstr, Berlin 2009 “NO Street”, Genova,Italia 2010 Funk-Store, Oranienburgerstr, Berlin 2010 Cafe Wiener Platz, Munich 2011 Cafe Wiener Platz, Munich 2012 ressort des arts, ressort, Berlin 2012 Funk-Store, Munich 2013 brain pop – ReTramp Gallery, Berlin 2014 Meine kleine Welt, Berlin 2014 Oslo Kaffeebar, Berlin 2016 Peanutbutter&Jelly ArtEvent, ForumFactory, Berlin