Biography - The jailbreak hails from PanGu, the team well behind several of the go on jailbreaks, along with a workforce that tends to relieve ios 8 jailbreak resources that will be challenging about the edges. In this situation, the 9.3.3 jailbreak will only be for Windows 7 which is in China. It’s also regarded as “semi-tethered,” which in such cases implies that whenever you reboot your smartphone, you’ll desire to work an iphone app regarding your apple iphone that jailbreaks just about every thing all over again. The good news is that PanGu’s tool is not particularly complicated to use and the tool only requires a few clicks to actually use. This Reddit thread has a full text guide for the jailbreak process. Alternatively, the video above from 9to5Mac walks you through the process. If you’re clamoring for that jailbreak right this second, it is doable, even though at this point, you’ll likely want to wait a little while for the bugs to get worked out.