I'm a full-time freelance fine artist, scenic artist, illustrator and animator. In my latest painting works I depict scenes of everyday life, from photographs I capture in my surroundings. I do not work in a specific style, therefore experimentation is the key. The use of oil medium is a personal preference in most paintings because of the rich depth of colour. It is important for me to capture a moment to the best of my ability, and this moment I leave up to the viewer to Interpret. I continue to search for new ideas and experiment with new techniques, styles and media. I specialize, collaborate and do commissions in Oil and Acrylic painting, Scenic painting, Drawing, Traditional and Digital Illustration and Animation. I furthered my scenic experience creating murals, backdrop and faux techniques while working on industrial theming, stage and film projects. Awards and Competitions: 2012 Vuleka competition, SA Art Times Merit Award. Iheed Animation 1st place Award, Oct. 2013.