*I open my mind somewhat to the wandering eyes that glance me behind the millions of towering giants. I am a cg choice award winner from cgsociety (2011 & 2017), a masters graduate, showcased Virgin media festival artist and graphicker top 20 veteran. I don't have a connected job, its just digital art for my sake...because I can not, not do this,behind the scraps, doodles and random ideas are works I just make with the skills i have and then there are things. Things i can not not make, limited heavily by my ability. I'm one of those guys who feels the tension building when i haven't created a good thing for a while and then after i do... i feel calm for a while, if I had inhuman skill, i would be pulled to constantly create things for my mind and for the feeling. im not really a socialight I'm dam sure most of the people following me can tell you that but i value them, as people they come to see my mind at work and its personal thing. who am i (as im sure your expecting a I'm bob/ stan/ jim a /student/teacher/artist at) I work in a meat factory didn't get any luck with applications in the uk after education, created for the need got robed got hyped got up, but i lost something and didnt get out, so now :). *I exist because of Ur influence alone, the untouchable everything.