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Talenthouse Personal Favorites 2019!
December 24, 2019, in Featured Creators
Have a look at the Talenthouse Team's personal favorites from the 2019 Creative Invites.
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Insider Info: Augmented Reality - Are You Ready for It's Growth?
December 20, 2019, in Learning & Career
Augmented Reality is here and growing.
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Insider Info: 5 Easy Steps to Create Short Animations
December 19, 2019, in Learning & Career
Learn how to bring your creations to life by animating them in 5 steps!
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Talenthouse is Growing with You
December 04, 2019, in Culture & Events
Talenthouse merges with Ello and Zooppa to create TLNT Holdings—bringing together three powerhouse creative communities.
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Seen It: Talenthouse Artist Limited Edition Absolut Singapore Bottle
November 27, 2019, in Featured Creators
Check out the Limited Edition Absolut Singapore Bottle packaging design by Talenthouse Artist Daniel Barbosa in Singapore!
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Watford Football Club Finalists & Talenthouse Favorites!
November 26, 2019, in Creative Briefs
Check out the Watford FC Finalists and some of our Talenthouse favorites!
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Insider Info: Nielsen Tips & Insights
November 16, 2019, in Creative Briefs
Check out some exclusive insights on what the Nielsen team are looking for in their customer perks or rewards ideas!
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Seen It: Talenthouse Limited Edition Absolut Bottles Made!
November 05, 2019, in Creative Briefs
Check out the Limited Edition Absolut vodka bottle packaging designs by Talenthouse Artists!
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Get to Know: Monica Carvalho
November 05, 2019, in Featured Creators
Get to know surreal artist, Monica Carvalho!
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Insider Info: How to Get the Most Out of Your Talenthouse Experience
October 29, 2019, in Learning & Career
Check out the advice & tips from the Talenthouse team- for new members and long time members alike- to make sure you’re making your Talenthouse profile work for you.
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