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Opinion: "NFT evangelists know nothing about NFTs - or about art"
July 21, 2021, in Culture & Events
NFTs are having a moment, but are they a legitimate art form? One writer claps back to the 4 most popular arguments in their favor.
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Get to Know: Filmmaker & Judge Mike Medoway for Ingenious
July 16, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Meet Michael Medoway, the independent filmmaker and Zooppa veteran on the judging panel for Ingenious by Pollinate in collaboration with Mastercard!
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The Art of Interviewing with Laurie Garnons-Williams
Pick up some great tips for getting the best out of interviewees when filming from videographer Laurie Garnons-Williams
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Insider Info: R-E-S-P-E-C-T Typography Artwork
July 08, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Thinking about participating in the R-E-S-P-E-C-T typography Creative Brief? Here we broke down the brief into some tips and inspiration to get you started!
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Los Angeles has a new logo inspired by sunsets and cars
July 08, 2021, in Culture & Events
Yep, cities have logos now and LA’s new design is truly a work of art
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Giant hyper-realistic 3D cat billboard meows at pedestrians in Tokyo
July 07, 2021, in Culture & Events
Watch the three-storey-tall cat come to life to mark the introduction of exciting new 3D technology to Japan's outdoor advertising spaces
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Studio Ghibli sets given the 3D treatment, and other news you may have missed this week
July 02, 2021, in Culture & Events
You're very busy and important, we get that. Here are this week's headlines that you might have missed from the creative, art and design worlds.
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Welcome to Talenthouse, the home of open projects and exciting briefs for creatives
June 29, 2021, in Learning & Career
Whether you're a creator, an active member of the art community, or just love artwork, here's how to get the most out of your Talenthouse experience
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An Introduction To Ingenious - Small Business Success Stories
June 28, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Discover an incredible new video brief brought to you from Mastercard, sponsored by Pollinate
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From 2D to 3D - meet the creators taking the plunge with Facebook Spark AR
June 18, 2021, in Featured Creators, and Learning & Career
We follow fashion photographer, Phillips Raheem, and illustrator Holly Simple as they complete the super quick Facebook Spark AR beginners course and create their first AR effects.
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