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Get to Know: Abigail Larson
August 03, 2020, in Featured Creators
Get to know the dark work of Abigail Larson and her impressive accomplishments so far.
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UPDATE-Get to Know: Rob Biddulph
July 30, 2020, in Culture & Events
Check out the full interview and updates on his "Guinness Book of World Records" online art lesson.
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Get to Know: Lendl "Dale" Romero
July 29, 2020, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Get to know Lendl "Dale" Romero one of the Selected Creators from the Netflix "DARK" Series!
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Insider Info: Something’s Awry ‘Dear Travelers…’ Creative Process
July 23, 2020, in Featured Creators
Learn more about the video, the creative process, and the inspiration behind 'Dear Travelers...' for Star Alliance in our interview with Something's Awry on the Zooppa Blog!
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Seen It - Netflix Dark Murals
July 21, 2020, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Checkout these amazing murals for the Netflix series with a serious cult following -- "Dark".
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Insider Info: Real World Applications of AR
July 16, 2020, in Learning & Career
AR is not only changing the way we see, experience, and create art—but it’s also changing our everyday lives. Learn about how AR is shaking up more than just the global creative community!
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Insider Info: 3D Art for Black Lives
July 10, 2020, in Featured Creators
Check out this curated collection of 3D Art created in response to the Black Lives Matters Movement!
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Get to Know: Mickey Guyton
July 07, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Meet country music star, Mickey Guyton and learn about her new Creative Brief in this exclusive interview.
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Insider Info: How to Create Snapchat Videos that Resonate
July 02, 2020, in Learning & Career
Check out some tips on how to make Snapchat ads that drive engagement and resonate with your audience.
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Insider Info: Animated Shorts by BIPOC Creators
June 19, 2020, in Featured Creators
The Talenthouse Team put together a quick list of our favorite animated shorts by BIPOC creators and teams! What are some of your favorites?
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