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Last night in Soho: 5 insider tips from the film team
October 13, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Culture & Events
There is more than meets the eye with our Last Night in Soho brief, so we asked the film team for more clues to help with your artwork. Here’s what we found out...
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Art That Worked: How Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room helped me grieve my mother
October 12, 2021, in Culture & Events
"I’d seen what the pain of death can do to some people; how it can steal the light from your eyes and sharpen your tongue. I wasn’t going to let that happen to me."
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How to win a Talenthouse packaging art brief, from 4 artists who did it
October 11, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Ready for more solid-gold advice from four selected creators?
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9 things to know about London in the ‘60s to help with your Last Night In Soho brief submission
October 06, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Culture & Events
Invoking the essence of Swinging London is a lot easier with a fashion historian on hand to describe it to you
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Black art will always matter. Here's how to support the movement
October 01, 2021, in Culture & Events
Black art always has, and always will, matter. Here's a brief history of the Black Art Matters movement and some practical ways you can support Black creatives
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The Talenthouse brief that changed my life: Stevie Nicks' shawl designed by Celeste Meyeres
September 29, 2021, in Featured Creators
How do you know when you've made it? When Stevie Nicks wears one of your designs on stage, you must be pretty close.
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Talenthouse movie poster submissions we loved: Emma illustrations & digital art
September 29, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Learning & Career
Wanna get inspired for your next Talenthouse movie brief? Take a look at these awesome submissions from a past brief for Focus Features' Emma
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Art That Worked: How Hojabr Sadat's 'Iranian Superman' connected me with my dual heritage
September 27, 2021, in Culture & Events
"What if, instead of Batman and Barbie, I'd had a Super Rostam?"
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The Drone Photography Awards might make you stop hating drones
September 23, 2021, in Culture & Events
Ugh, drones. Very annoying buzzy little robot-flies, but man do they take some stunning photos.
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Five famous works of eco-art
September 23, 2021, in Creative Briefs, and Culture & Events
The arts have a leading role in tackling climate change and sounding the alarm for the state of our planet. Here are some famous works of eco-art that are doing just that.
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