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Are NFT galleries really the future of art?

August 15, 2022, in Culture & Events
Are NFT galleries a new and exciting way to sell digital artwork, or are they a waste of time?
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Bonus Creative Direction ideas for your 1939 Games submissions

August 01, 2022, in Creative Briefs
How to capture the style of WWII art in a way that feels authentic to the era
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Bonus Creative Direction for your Three Thousand Years of Longing submissions

July 29, 2022, in Creative Briefs
Impress George Miller, Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton and win $2000!
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7 examples of beautiful artwork and the objects that inspired them

July 27, 2022, in Creative Briefs
Have you ever made art inspired by something else? Of course you have! Submit it to our Bombay brief for the chance to take home £1,000
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Bonus creative ideas to include in your submission for The Woman King

July 21, 2022, in Creative Briefs
To celebrate the movie’s release, we're looking for poster designs showcasing your most thrilling creative interpretations of the themes, with General Nanisca front and center.
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"How I saved over $9,000 patenting my designs"

July 13, 2022, in Learning & Career
You really don't need to use an expensive legal expert
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How creatives with ADHD are making home-working work for them

June 27, 2022, in Culture & Events
Working from home can be difficult for many people but for those with ADHD, it’s meant getting creative with their productivity
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3 financial mistakes creatives make (and how to avoid them)

June 22, 2022, in Learning & Career
There are loads of perks that come with being a creative freelancer, but organising your finances and chasing up invoices definitely isn’t one of them.
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Bonus Creative Direction ideas for your Mrs Harris Goes to Paris submissions

June 18, 2022, in Creative Briefs
Some inspiration to help you capture the glamour of Paris, the drama of Dior, the elegance of 1950’s silhouettes, and more.
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EyeEm's new illustration marketplace is about to launch a new revenue stream for creatives

June 16, 2022, in Learning & Career
Want to make money while you sleep? Get involved in the EyeEm Illustration Marketplace before it launches
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