There’s no place like home, and Nationwide is challenging you to create bold and uplifting mixed media artwork inspired by how you interpret the meaning of ‘home’ today, for a chance to bag some cash and some exposure on the brand's new Instagram account.

Nationwide would like to showcase 15 pieces of work with the launch of their Instagram channel. Each of the selected creators will also receive £500. 

Whether digital illustrations and gifs are your jam or you prefer to work in video or animations, the choice is up to you. Just remember to stick to Nationwide’s colour palette when crafting your work

But what does ‘home’ really mean to you? Here are a few examples we came up with to get you started. 

1. Home comforts, whether that be a cup of tea and a biscuit, or reading the Sunday newspaper in bed.


Caileigh Blake Christo

2. Perhaps a 'home' is something you don't feel you have yet. Maybe you're saving to move out of somewhere, and currently home feels quite stressful.

3. Home could be full of housemates, busy and noisy and with arguments about who used the last of the milk.

4. Landlords. Love them or hate them, most of us have some sort of feelings towards them that are tied up in our homes.

ana-jaks.jpg.crdownloadWork by Talenthouse Creative Ana Jaks

5. Home could be all about the food that comes with it. Your partner’s famous home-cooked lasagne or your favourite go-to takeaway.

6. Memories of a childhood bedroom might be what stirs at the thought of going 'home'. 

7. Let's not forget our favourite pets, from childhood rabbits through to moody cats who keep us company. 

8. Maybe you haven't been home since you were a teenager, and home, for you, is somewhere you'll always be 17.

9. Perhaps home is not a physical place, but a feeling?

Photography by Talenthouse Creative Paul Louis Archer

10. Or is 'home' the people in it?

11. Home could well be broken boilers, scuffed carpets and stains on your coffee cups. But it's home.

12. Perhaps home is a smell? Laundry detergent, a perfume or something heating up in the oven.

13. Maybe home is ever-changing, and there's not one thing that pins it down. Home could be anywhere you take yourself as you continue to travel.

There are heaps of directions in which this brief could take you. Use any medium you like to create the image that speaks to you and represents your interpretation of home. Sticking it in a frame on the wall of said home might even be a nice touch, too...

Ready to put pen to paper, or mouse to computer? Submit to the brief, here.

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