Header Art by Vanessa Santos

Hello TH Community,

We have said it before and we will say it again; we are proud to be a global and diverse community, hailing from all different cultures and backgrounds across the world.

Today, we are not the only ones humbled by you all. The United Nations has sent you a special message. Yeah, we think it’s pretty cool too. Check out what Dawda Jobarteh, Global Head of SDG Strategy Hub, the United Nations has to say about each and every one of you who answered their global call out to creators.


Haven’t seen the UN Covid-19 Creative Hub yet? No problem, visit the hub today to see some of the creative work where you can share and like it. If you do share the work, be sure to tag @UN and @talenthouse using the hashtag #UNCovid19Brief and please always credit the creator.

We will continue to fill the Creative Hub with more artwork while adding new features, so please be sure to revisit the site often.

Thank You All.