In this episode we speak with James Kirkham, Chief Business Officer at Defected Records. Joining the label as it enters its third decade. James joined the 20+ year old label to oversee its content, marketing and Public Relations activations in what can only be described as a new era in the music industry. 



James Kirkham
As one of the world’s foremost media industry speakers, he has appeared on stage for a number of years at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, featured in BIMA’s prestigious Top 100 for three years running and was also named as Campaign Magazine’s ‘Power 100’ in July 2019. Before joining Defected, Kirkham ws with the sports media company COPA90, where he coordinated partnerships with brands such as Uber, Budweiser, Nike, Pepsi and EA Sports.
If you are interested in how creativity is born out of adversity and the evolution of music, record labels and content innovation, you will love this episode.


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