Get ready for The Woman King, the epic new movie based on the incredible true story of the most exceptional female warriors ever, the Agojie. The movie follows Oscar®-winner Viola Davis as General Nanisca, a fierce leader tasked with defending her country against an enemy determined to destroy their way of life. Armed with fearless fighting skills and unmatched determination, she readies her new recruits for the epic battle that lies ahead.

To celebrate the movie’s release, CTMG and Talenthouse are looking for poster designs showcasing your most thrilling creative interpretations of the themes, with General Nanisca front and center.

Your submission should pay homage to the foundational themes of The Woman King. Key themes & narratives include:

  • The strength of the all-female military unit

  • Nanisca's leadership

Consider some key lines from the trailer!
"We are the blade of victory! We are Dahomey."
"We fear no one. And we fear no pain."
"To be a warrior you must dry your tears."

  • The epic nature of the battles
  • Historically inspired costumes
  • Unique weapons and skilled warriors
  • The setting of the Kingdom of Dahomey

Your work should reflect the following tone & feel: gritty, visceral, and dramatic with empowering action that showcases the untold history of The Dahomey Kingdom and the Agojie warriors.

Need a little extra inspo? Check out our suggestions below.  

1.Weapons and Props 

The focus of your work should be on General Nanisca, Viola Davis’s take-no-prisoners Woman King. With that in mind, how will you make your submission stand out among the hundreds of other pieces of work that feature her as the main focal point?

Watch the trailer closely – what facial expressions or physical mannerisms could you focus on? How do these change from scene to scene, situation to situation? How does General Nanisca express herself as a leader and as a warrior?

You could also consider props. What can you find out about the weapons – shields and spears (0.44), clubs, muskets, machetes (0.58) and more – used in the movie? How will you incorporate their shapes and textures into your artwork? Check out the trailer or do a little digging to find out more about the tools of the terrifying Agojie warriors - the below links will provide some useful references.. 

More about the Kingdom of Dahomey

More about the warrior women of Dahomey

2. Visual inspiration for an army of female warriors

Viola Davis’s bad-ass General Nanisca should take center stage in your work, of course, but how could you pass up the opportunity to visualize an army of female warriors? Check out the trailer, and search the internet for real images of the Agojie, The Kingdom of Dahomey’s all-female military unit to inspire art fit for a (Woman) King. 

  • Your artwork must prominently feature Viola Davis as Agojie warrior general, Nanisca, or Nanisca leading her warriors

  • Any portrayals of Viola Davis as Nanisca, Sheila Atim as Amenza, or Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Santo Ferreira shall be subject to cast approval, if selected 

Here's an article about the legend of the warriors

3. Capturing movement in your tribute to The Woman King:

In the trailer we see General Nanisca’s army of cut-throat warriors training for war – jogging through a lush grove, (0.12), practicing intricate swordplay (1.13), and flying through the air (00.04) with clubs held aloft, ready to strike down the enemy. How could you capture this kinetic energy and bring your artwork to life while still keeping Viola Davis’s character as the main focus? 


4. Visual motifs that add depth to your artwork  

The three official images and the teaser trailer showcase some captivating costumes – geometric shapes and textures and vibrant colours, decorated with seashells and grasses. There are some extraordinary environments too, from the moonlit rushes that hide a blood thirsty army (0.27), to the richly-decorated palace (0.48) of the king.  How could you use these to create a visual motif that adds depth and detail to your artwork?


Looking for more motif inspiration? Let’s take a closer look at some examples from our other briefs with Sony:

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We can't wait to see what you create!

Click here to check out the full brief and guidelines. The Woman King is only in theaters from September 16th.