Hey everyone it's that time for us to share what we have been listening to, watching this week and finding out! Talenthouse watched a short film of a zombie and his loyal dog, a new Dua Lipa song that’s putting her on the charts and a new first look at a smartphone made by RED Cameras. The team rounded up quite a diverse list for you this week.   


Tommy Monks  

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles 


"New Rules" by Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa is a new artist who was just brought to my attention recently. Normally when a friend sends me a link, I humor them by listening and forget about it, but this song quickly made its way onto all of my summer playlists. The song itself is relatable on many levels for anyone who’s ever gone through a breakup. The simple theme of it is that you need to keep convincing yourself again and again how not to fall back into a bad habit until it becomes the truth - and the song makes those “rules” into an empowering anthem!
The music video just adds another layer to the genius of this song. She starts out as the girl who needs to be taught these rules by her friends in order to get over her ex. You can see the struggle for her to follow these rules, but her friends help keep her in line. As the music video goes on, you slowly see her confidence building and her coming to her senses about her ex. Eventually, instead of being the student, she becomes the teacher herself and helps her friend who’s in the same situation. All of this is done with incredibly simple, but effective choreography.
Once you listen to this song, you won’t forget these rules next time you or your friends are in a situation like this. And that’s the beauty of the song and the music video - they are not only incredibly fun to listen to, but you actually feel like you’re better off for listening. Isn’t that what good art’s all about? And keep an eye on Dua Lipa - I see big things for her future!


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


Dead Friends Short Film, by Changsik Lee
It's hard to say goodbye to dead friends and relatives, hard to let them go after they've passed on, but pets find it impossible to let go of the love they feel for their dead owners especially if their owner is still shambling around. The dog in this adorable short film refuses to give up on his now zombified owner.


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles


RED Hydrogen by RED
RED is a maker of some of the best cinema cameras in the world with their cheaper models costing over $15,000. Many films have been shot on RED cameras because of their great quality, versatility and durability. Earlier this year the RED company announced that they were going to release their first ever smartphone. The smartphone itself is called the RED Hydrogen and is said to have a great cinema lens on it and even a 4D holographic screen! Yes! A holographic screen that does not require glasses or reflective glass! The phone is not out yet but you can pre-order it for a cool $1,200. The video below is the very first good look at the phone, let me know your thoughts, would you get this smartphone? 

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