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Every week, the Talenthouse LA Team will be giving you a round up of what we loved this week. Meant to inspire the Talenthouse Community (Comment! We want to know what you loved this week too!) we hope this weekly installment shows who we are and what we are into. Read on and share. 


Christian Conway

Campaign Manager


"All Your Fault" Big Sean feat. Kanye West
Sean released his highly anticipated third album Dark Sky Paradise this week and this is the track that stands out most to me. Play it loud in your car.


"Kobe Bryant Will Always Be An All-Star Of Talking": Interview in GQ
He's the greatest of all time even when he's not playing and his team is close to the worst in the NBA. Los Angeles Lakers over everything.

YouTube Video

One of my favorite new house music DJs, The Magician, has been putting out mixes that he calls "Magic Tapes" on SoundCloud every month. For the 50th edition, he filmed his set live from a secret London location.


Ian Harman

Sales Development Director


Flight Facilities – Heart Attack
A really haunting deep house track that works perfectly on the treadmill, in the bar or in the office!  Heavy rotation on KCRW.


Wolf Hall - BBC TV Adaptation of Hilary Mantel's novel about Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII.
Being a Brit fascinated with history this hits the spot.  It's not bloody like Game of Thrones, or bodice ripping nonsense like The Tudors, but more like House of Cards set in Tudor times. Damien Lewis (Brodie from Homeland) plays Henry, and the best actor of his generation Mark Rylance plays Cromwell, becoming increasingly exasperated with the psychopathic King and his erratic nobility. 


It's all true!  The world is a weird and wonderful place.


Kassie Rosales

Community Relations 


"Lullabies" (Myles.William Remix) by Yuna
Heard this in my morning yoga class and instantly fell in love. Had to ask the instructor to send me the track, and I've been listening to it on repeat all week!


10,000 Emerald Pools & Electric Love from the BORNS Candy EP 
I love these two songs by this amazing artist- bet you wouldn't guess it's a boy singing! My favorites at the moment.

TV Show

The B in Apartment 23, ABC
I know I'm kinda late to this party, but I just started watching this series on Netflix and it's hilarious! Like makes you laugh out loud by yourself kind of funny. Totally looking forward to watching the next episode. Report on Pulp Fiction to come*


Emma Trant

VP Client Services and Community Marketing


"Hey Now" By London Grammar
I know its a bit old now but I love the track so much.  I saw them perform at The Wiltern in LA and was so blown away by the performance. They had to stop midway through as too many people were smoking weed and she could not handle 'the toxins'.  Only in LA!


Lost in The Dream by War On Drugs
I found these guys on KCRW and love their sound.

TV Show

The Fall, Netflix
Gillian Anderson looks INCREDIBLE throughout.  As does Jamie Dornan-Yummy.  Great story line too.  


Sergio Pareno

Graphic Designer Extraordinaire  


"Stand Still" by Flight Facilities
Awesome track by Flight Facilities. Great video too. I'm going to see them perform at a nightclub in Hollywood on Friday, and I'm definitely excited for the show!


"Banksy Takes Over Gaza"
I've been a huge Banksy fan since college. Seeing his graffiti pop up in all corners of the globe is truly an amazing sight to see. 

TV Show

Parks and Rec, NBC The show aired its series finale this week after 7 amazing seasons. The finale was a great finish to one of the best sitcoms on TV for the past 7 years. With a talented all-star cast to boot, if you haven't checked out this show yet, the first 6 seasons are on Netflix. You won't be disappointed.


Lisandra Maioli

Social Media Manager  


"Glory" - from the movie "Selma" (Common, John Legend)
I watched the movie Saturday before The Oscars, to get prepared for the Award. This song can not leave my mind. I also loved their presentation during the Oscars. 


Verde, Anil, Cor de Rosa e Carvão (Marisa Monte)
Brazilian singer Marisa Monte has a sweet and, at the same time, powerful voice. I am glad for having covered her shows in Brazil as a journalist. Seeing her live on the stage is a magical experience. I love all her albums, but this one is my favorite and makes me feel really proud of our Brazilian artists. I like to listen her while I work.


I've read this article about the Brazilian artist Andre Ruiz de Freitas (DECOLIFE), who traveled in different countries in Europe trading/exchanging his art for hosting:migre.me
Here is a video of the #ArtistInAction : youtube
Then I found another artist who did the same: Australian Photographer Shantanu Starick created the project “The Pixel Trade" which is documented his trades (he completed 196 trades): thepixeltrade
Isn't cool? Here is an interview with him: migre.me


Gilberto Jimenez

Magazine Manager/Analytics


“Blessings” by Big Sean Ft. Kanye West & Drake
I’ve been listening to this all week. I wake up and it’s the first song on my playlist. It wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.


"Purrr!" EP by Doja Cat
I love this album and it’s so chill. I can listen to this all day.

TV show

Better Call Saul- If you were a Breaking Bad fan, this show is awesome. Following Walter White’s lawyer Saul before he became crooked. It’s a whole different side we’ve never seen before in Saul… it’s a don’t miss. 


Liz Culley

Director of Content and Community 

TV Show

Empire, Fox
Holy Cookie! I love this show so much. From the music to the story line, I literally can't get enough of the Lion crew. I still can't believe all the incredible industry heads that are involved in this breakout show. If you haven't watched this yet, you better get on it. 


"Operate" by ASTR
I ADORE this duo from Brookyln, NY. Deep beats and catchy lyrics, I just caught them at the Troubador in Los Angeles and I just fell more in lust with them. 


This was the most boring Oscars of all time and if you try and lie to yourself and say that you enjoyed it, well, you are lying so stop it. 


BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY RI RI. xo  Image by Talenthouse Artist Roxy Color