Header Artwork "Mandala Forest" by Pascal Roy

The end of 2017 is almost here and the Talenthouse Team has had an amazing year launching tons of new Creative Invites and admiring the thousands of artworks that were submitted and uploaded. Thousands of magnificent artworks from around the world came in 2017, each one uniquely different, striking and beautiful. A myriad of brilliant creative ideas and styles were expressed and it was an amazing honor for all of us in the Talenthouse Team to see all the new artworks on a daily basis. The Team has grown a bit this year so here are our very own personal favorites from the 2017 Creative Invites. Happy holidays, see you in 2018.   


Claudia Fischer

Director of Brand Partnerships, Berlin

Creative Invite: Create mulit-media artwork for Mercedes-Benz
Talenthouse Artist: Sahil Ahuja, India

“The complexity of the design is just amazing. I like how Sahil integrated various elements of the Mercedes-Benz brand and how he told a whole story in just one picture. Every time I look at it, I discover new things!” - Claudia Fischer

Sahil Ahuja-Mercedes.jpg


Sergio Pareno

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Become the Official Photographer for Le Méridien Hotels Worldwide
Talenthouse Artist: Alpay Erdem, Turkey 

“Absolutely loved this photo once I first saw it. From the contrasting colors to the striking reflection of red car, I was blown away from this beautifully shot photo. Wonderful job Alpay!” - Sergio Pareno 

L112010ff6 (2).jpg


Creative Invite: Create a wall mural for adidas womens
Talenthouse Artist: 
Dom Tsoi, United Kingdom 

“One of my favorite submissions from the adidas Creative Invite. I am a huge fan of Dom’s illustration style and really love the sense of movement that he created within this piece.” - Sergio Pareno

DomTsoi-AdidasComp (1).jpg


Anthony Burger

Website Support Manager, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create artwork for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Talenthouse Artist: Edz Gatdula, Philippines

"This item has the most Loves of any artwork uploaded in 2017 on Talenthouse.com" - Anthony Burger



Chloe Lahijani 

Strategic Partnership Coordinator, Los Angeles 

Creative Invite: Design a Limited Edition Bottle for Johnnie Walker Blue Label 
Talenthouse Artist: Charlene Woolard, United States 

"I love this piece so much because not only is the artwork beautiful, but also the message behind the designs. These designs give a little taste of Spain’s vast beauty. You can see the rich Spanish culture through the painter, the dancer, and the bull." - Chloe Lahijani 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Bottle Spain.jpg


Heidi Ross

Campaign & Account Manager, Berlin 

Creative Invite: Capture remarkable adventure and action sport moments for LifeProof
Talenthouse Artist: Toby Bradley, France 

“I love this video by Toby because it’s showing really well for what LifeProof is standing for: outdoor sports, adventure and adrenaline. He managed to capture the emotions and adrenaline the person is feeling whilst jumping off the mountain.” - Toby Bradley

giphy-downsized-large (1).gif


Heike Saeger

Brand Partnerships, Barcelona

Creative Invite: Become the Artist in Residence at Moxy Times Square, NYC 
Talenthouse Artist: Dorian Migliore, France

“I love the conflation of the earth elements and playing within with the NY city symbols” great combination and transmit harmony and joy!" - Heike Saeger



Jose Garcia

Office Manager, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create artwork for Atomic Blonde
Talenthouse Artist: Claudio Tosi, Italy

“When I saw this piece it instantly became my favorite. I love the use of grays and modern touches of green.” - Jose Garcia 

T09470 MW Atomic Blonde ©2017 Claudio Tosi (30x40cm 72dpi).jpg


Hannah Lord

Campaign & Account Manager, London

Creative Invite: Create artwork for Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall
Talenthouse Artist: Abigail BrandonUnited Kingdom

“I love how Abigail has approached the London scene theme from a completely fresh perspective! The colours, icing speckles and biscuit decorations make it really interesting and original.” - Hannah Lord



Creative Invite: Capture the best of Great Britain for VisitBritain
Talenthouse Artist: Jack Hague, United Kingdom 

“I love this picture - the composition, the earthy tones, it's candid and spontaneous nature, how it tells an amusing story, and of course the comedic focus of the image: the Highland cow. It reminds me of the raw, natural beauty of the British countryside.” - Hannah Lord



Ninna Holm

Director of Creative & Client Services, London

Creative Invite: Create Visual Artwork for method 
Talenthouse Artist: Carlo Cadenas, Argentina

“The colours, the optimism, the impact and the skill that has gone into this piece from Carlo Cadenas is absolutely incredible. The 3D elements makes a simple (and cheeky) line ‘Smells Like Friday Time’ stand out and make this perfect for social content. Very impressive and fresh use of colours and technical skills. Well done Carlo!” - Ninna Holm

Method_Fight Dirty_Carlo Cadenas_4.jpg


Creative Invite: Become the Official Photographer for Le Méridien Hotels Worldwide
Talenthouse Artist: Mark Rammers, Netherlands

“Something about this photo just makes me smile. It’s a photo of an air conditioning unit, there’s no people, there’s no story, but the composition, the colours and the architectural nature of the photo speaks volumes.” - Ninna Holm

Le Méridien - 8.jpg


Jade Handley 

Brand Partnerships, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create a short film for STA Travel & Brand USA
Talenthouse Artist: Jessica Peterson, United States

“I was so impressed by this travel video! It was exciting to watch, covered the hotel grounds in a unique way, and showcased the culture of Riviera Maya perfectly. Snackable video content at its finest!” - Jade Handley



Creative Invite: Create Artwork for Atomic Blonde
Talenthouse Artist: Kovacs Viktoria, Hungary

“The style of this piece is so unique - the umbrellas! Ah love it! It captures so many elements of the movie. Simply wonderful.” - Jade Handley



Tommy Monks 

Account Manager, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create Artwork for Atomic Blonde
Talenthouse Artist: Nigel Ho-a-lim-Bell, United States

"The style of this piece is so unique - it creates a new geometric video game-like world for Atomic Blonde. This is a risky interpretation, but this is a style I would love to see more film studios utilize in their marketing. I think it really draws you in!" - Tommy Monks

AB Art Submission.jpg


Kassie Rosales

Community Relations, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create Visual Artwork for method
Talenthouse Artist: Andru Gavrish, Russia

"This piece is so dynamic and cohesive, it pulls you into a perfect little ecosystem that I wish I could visit! It’s incredible to see a GIF that so perfectly encapsulates a unique world associated with the brand. Amazing work!" - Kassie Rosales



Gilberto Jimenez

Global Digital Manager, Los Angeles

Creative Invite: Create Artwork Inspired by Blade Runner 2049
Talenthouse Artist: Adam Cockerton-Rai, United Kingdom

“This artwork was simply amazing as it captured the essence of a cyberpunk world with the neon reds, turquoise, rain and a vast futuristic city in the distance. Truly excellent, I would have this on my wall.” - Gilberto Jimenez


A big thanks from the Talenthouse Team to all the artists in our community for an amazing 2017! We can't wait to see all the stunning artworks that will come out in the new year.