It's that time again! The Talenthouse Team has been working hard on launching some new Creative Invites and we spent some time watching an animation of carved pumpkins, discovering a new art app and patiently waiting the arrival of Stranger Things Season 2 which is finally here! Have a look at all the random things we were up to this week!  


Chloe Lahijani

Strategic Partnership Coordinator, Los Angeles 


Sm[art]ify- Scan and Discover art
I recently discovered this amazing new app called ‘Smartify’, where you are able to scan any art piece, whether it’s a photograph or painting, and the app identifies the artwork and the artist. It’s basically Shazam, but for art! The next time you come across an art piece that you want to save forever or just want to identify to learn more about the artist, pull out your Smartify app, point it up to the piece, and learn away!


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


Oh my Gourd-A Halloween Stop Motion Pumkin Carving Expiriment, by Ohkamp 
"Oh my Gourd" is a stop motion animation perfect for Halloween. An impressive performance that required dozens and dozens of pumpkins, carved one by one to create the different images of the animations. An amazing project directed by Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin.
Fun fact: Must of the video sounds were created by smashed, tapped, kicked, clapped or scooped out of actual pumpkins and carving tools, with some enhancement and sound manipulation courtesy of Logic and Protools.
Happy Halloween everyone!


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Digital Manager, Los Angeles

TV Show 

Stranger Things, Season 2, Netflix
Season 2 of Stranger Things is finally released! After an entire year of wondering what about Barb, we might finally get to find out! It's time to bring out the popcorn, binge watch all of the episodes and catch Eleven destroying some Demogorgons. This show truly became an instant classic; with references to many 80s cult films like The Goonies and Nightmare on Elm Street, the shows retro vibes and humor are refreshing to todays shows. So will the group have to go back into the "Upside Down"? Lets find out. 

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