Another fast paced week gone by and a ton of new Creative Invites have launched! We spent some time watching amazing tricks done with a slinky, and a short film of random objects that look like each other. Take a peek at what the team was up to this week.   


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


Slinky Kung FU
Everybody love the classic Slinky toy, right? We all grew up with it and you might even have a couple laying around your house right now. Slinky’s are fun to play with, but I had no idea what they were really capable of until I saw this video of some kind of Kung Fu Slinky masters pulling off some wicked awesome tricks that would be so cool to learn.


Chloe Lahijani

Strategic Partnership Coordinator, Los Angeles 


MIRROR: Short Story of Similar Objects by Tanello Productions
Check out this really cool short film, done by Tanello Production, that parallels different objects that have a similar appearance to them. Super aesthetically pleasing!

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