Here we are again with another exciting week behind us, new Selected Artists and great new Creative Invites coming soon. So keep checking the site periodically so you don't miss out on any opportunities. And by periodically, I mean every minute...kidding, but you get the idea. Whether it was listening to a Jackmaster remix of DJ Kicks, Skrillex, discovering that escape rooms have become an addicting hobby or that we could take classes that teach us to dance with fire (a good skill to have in your back pocket for any event of course), check out what the team was up to this week. 


Kassie Rosales  

Community Relations, Los Angeles


Show Me Love” by the Hundred Waters [Skrillex Remix] ft. Robin Hannibal, Moses Sumney & Chance The Rapper
This song was originally written and released in 2014 by Hundred Waters, but I’ve only recently discovered it. This week Skrillex’s remix snagged the spot as my favorite jam...the one you listen to on repeat as your life’s temporary theme so-to-speak. The tune and overall soft aesthetic was so pleasing to my ears from first listen...and upon paying closer attention to the words, I realized that the message itself was so positive and kind! The lyrics are almost like a poem or prayer, vibing with my current experiences in life and reminding me that while so many reactions are possible to any number of situations, facing them with love is often the best way to handle them. So thanks Hundred Waters, Skrillex, Robin, Moses and Chance, for using music to remind people in this world to be good.


Francis Brady 

Intern, Los Angeles


Jackmaster DJ Kicks Mix
Doing a mix for DJ Kicks is an honor for any DJ, you only have to look at the caliber of the DJs who have previously recorded one. It was only a matter of time before Jackmaster was asked to do one for them as he is now very much a heavy weight on the house music scene. The Glaswegian born DJ really shows what he is all about in this mix, taking you on a deep musical journey throughout the magical hour and twenty minutes. He’s been one of my favorite DJs for ages now and it’s really not difficult to understand why. He is a wizard behind the decks not only for his technical DJing skill but his incredible track selection also. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to go and see him at work, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to do so!


Sergio Pareno 

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles


Escape Rooms
I have recently found a new hobby: escape rooms! If you are not familiar with the concept of escape rooms, the premise is simple. You have to escape a room in the time allotted (usually 60 minutes) using the clues hidden in the room. Most of the clues are hidden and it takes teamwork, critical thinking skills, problem solving and a little bit of luck to get out of the room. It's also typically done with a group of people (4 or more).
I have done 5 escape rooms so far (I did one last week for my birthday!) and only have successfully escaped 2. Whether we got out in time or if we utterly failed, I had an absolute blast every time. If you have any escape rooms in your area, I highly recommend doing one with a group of close friends. Communication is vital and teamwork is the key! There will also be a ton of laughs along the way. Definitely worth trying out at least once in your life if you ever come across one.

Escape Room LA


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


Poi Fire Dancing Bootcamp, San Francisco
If you want to learn a new skill and "basic" is a swear word in your vocabulary, San Francisco has you covered in classes you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. So for those who want to impress friends at the next Burning Man (August 28 – September 5, 2016) without burning off any essential body parts, you can try this intensive seven-month(!) program at the Temple of Poi aims to have you ready, with a mix of live and video training. The full cost of this trial by fire? $1,095, though their website promises to knock off $220 if you sign up for the whole thing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.19.31 PM.png


Gilberto Jimenez 

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles


Just fresh into the world of tech, a new app has hit the app stores named Wydr which proclaims itself as the "Tinder" for art. Swipe right if you like the artwork and swipe left if you don't. The artwork you do like will go into a saved album which you could later scroll through and purchase the artwork directly from the app. Artists worldwide can upload their original work into the app and make some extra money. Artists can set their own price!! If you're an artist, I highly suggest checking this app out. 



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