Hey everyone it's that time for us to share what we have been watching and discovering this week! Talenthouse watched James Franco at the rise of the porn industry in The Deuce and a new Netflix anime named Neo Yokio with a deep social commentary on societies addition to consumerism and social media. Have a look. 


Chloe Lahijani

Strategic Partnership Coordinator, Los Angeles 

TV Show

The Deuce, HBO
I’m currently watching the show The Deuce, which is set in the early 1970s in New York City. It’s produced by and stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The Deuce is about the rise of the porn industry in New York. It explores the violence of the drug outbreak, the struggles of prostitutes hustling on the streets, and the notorious lives of their pimps. The show is named after 42nd Street, where prostitution was heavily prevalent. What I like so much about this show is that it touches on taboo topics that not that many people ever discuss or even know much about. You can watch this show on HBO GO. I highly recommend it!
Warning: it could be intensely graphic at times.


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Digital Manager, Los Angeles

TV Show

Neo Yokio, Netflix
This is an anime that was recently released on Netflix and I finally got around to watching the 1 season. The main character, Kaz Kann, is voiced by Jaden Smith and his whole purpose in this anime is to go around the city of Neo Yokio and protect it from various demons that arise every now and then. Kaz is part of Neo Yokio's elite society and performs exorcisms to stay in this level of society. Neo Yokio is essentially a future New York where the lower east side is under water and the buildings are much grander. This show is essentially a satire on modern society and its obsession with fashion, celebrities and physical objects, a jab at consumerism. In the show, Kaz is obsessed with designer labels, what the next best thing is going to be and what people think of him. The show has a slow start but after the 2nd to 3rd episode the series starts to get it's rhythm and get to really understand what is going on. At first the show seemed pretty obnoxious, but it got better as I started to understand what the creators were trying to portray. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts below? 

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