It's that time again! The Talenthouse Team has been working hard on launching some new Creative Invites this week and spent some time eagerly waiting for the NBA playoffs, floating though space in Passengers, discovering a graphic designer that made $1Million and a new Louis Vuitton collaboration with none other than Jeff Koons. Have a look at all the random things we were up to this week! 


Kassie Rosales 

Community Relations, Los Angeles


Passengers, Morten Tyldum
Despite the less than stellar reviews this film received at its release, I finally got around to watching this alluring blockbuster and found it to be a striking beautiful piece around human life.  Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the film focuses on these two being the only passengers on a futuristic space ship that is destined to set up a colony on another planet. They were transported in pods with 5,000 other people meant to suspend the human body in a state of sleep for 150 years, to make it to the new colony. However, these unfortunate characters experience pod malfunctions and awaken, to their dismay, 90 years too soon.  Exploring the themes of destiny, love, betrayal, and doom, amid all the sci-fi drama that occurs in this film, the overarching message for me was the simplicity of it all in the end. Meaning, the things that are actually important in life are much less complicated than we make them out to be. *SPOILER ALERT* Even with all the unfathomable scientific advances portrayed in the film to make life more convenient, the endless luxury at their fingertips aboard this ‘futuristic Titanic’, the tempting promise of fame, success and notoriety at their destination, the complications of being from different social classes...the two leads decided on their love together, rather than literally the entire world apart. They bet on each other, even if that meant giving up their existence in the world. There were no distractions like work or careers, they were free to build a happy life focused on each other. It was a good reminder of what should be valued in life. If you only achieve a true and lasting love in your lifetime, it may be a lifetime best lived.


Sergio Pareno

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles 


NBA Playoffs
One of my favorite moments in sports is just around the corner: the start of the NBA playoffs. After a grueling 82 game season, the NBA playoffs will be starting this Saturday. There are already so many great storylines going into these playoffs. Will the Cleveland Cavaliers repeat as champions? Are the Golden State Warriors destined to win a title this year? Can any of the other 14 teams upset the two favorites (Warriors / Cavs) and make it to the NBA finals this year? The first round matchup that I'm looking forward to the most is the Houston Rockets vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook. Two MVP candidates. Two former teammates and two great friends. Which team will advance and which team be sent home. I can't wait to see what this series along with the rest of the playoffs have in store for us.


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco 


"Graphic Designer Earns $1 Million Selling Fonts and Graphics Online," by Creative Market
After surpassing $1million in sales, the designer Nicky Laatz was thrown into Creative Market’s ‘Million Dollar Shop Spotlight.’ The story behind this creative’s achievement is one that many designers can easily relate to. Prior to her current stint selling her own fonts and graphics online, Laatz did client work, which she describes as a blessing and a curse. The projects, however, left her feeling constricted and worn out. “In client work, everything is rush, rush, rush. You’ve got a deadline; you’ve got restrictions on what you’ve got to do. While that might be good for some people, for me, I didn’t want that restriction and that pressure because it takes away your creativity because you can’t design as well as you could have.” Hear more about her story below. 


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles


Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons
Luxury brand Louis Vuitton realeased a new promotional video where they remixed classical paintings from old renaissance masters to promote their new collaboration with pop artist, Jeff Koons. The commercial depicts the juxposition of classical art versus the new conteporary art of balloons that Koons creates. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts below. 

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