It's that time again! The Talenthouse Team has been working hard on launching some new Creative Invites this week and spent some time watching some amazing skateboarding/parkour hybrid video, roaming down the streets of Paris enjoying the Street Art and discovering a new exhibit by D*Face with free weddings inside...seriously. Have a look at all the random things we were up to this week!  


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


"Skateboard Parkour in 8k - Streets of San Francisco!" by DevinSupertramp
In this video we can see how Jose Angeles is doing some the coolest and craziest parkour stunts on his skateboard on the streets of San Francisco! It's skateboard parkour and it's impressive as hell! This guy is insanely talented and I've never seen stuff like this before. I have no idea how he flips through the air and manages to keep his board stuck to his feet!


Hannah Lord

Campaign/Account Manager, London


Street Art in Paris, France
Street art is everywhere in Paris – from the smarter areas of town, to the more rough and ready areas in the Parisian suburbs. Residents and visitors of the city are using outdoor, public spaces to expressing themselves in free and boarder-less ways.
A couple of the favourites I saw when walking around this beautiful city, have become sights to see in their own right, while others were clearly created under the cover of darkness, but are none-the-less interesting:
Le mur des je t’aime (I love you: the wall) in the Montmarte area is a love-themed 40 square metres wall composed of 612 tiles with the phrase ‘I love you’ written over 300 times in 250 languages. The wall also features splashed of red that symbolise parts of a broken heart.
Thanks to the likes of Airbnb, this wall has become more well known amongst the millennial travellers looking for authentic, ‘off the beaten track’ sights to see outside of the hectic city centre.
There are also the more tangible or temporary pieces of artwork throughout the city. I saw this graffiti artwork when wandering round near the vintage flea market in Saint-Ouen on the edge of the 18 th of Paris. This painting took over the side of what looked to be a shop and flat above. It stood out to me because it was the first impactful thing to see on a street full of an eclectic mix of shops and cafés. I find the style and repeated design which makes one face look like a study of the other really interesting. Of course there are many more amazing graffiti works around this area to be discovered mooching around.

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Gilberto Jimenez

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles

Art Event

"Happy Never Ending," Exhibit at Corey Helford Gallery by D*Face
World famous British street artist is opening a new exhibit in Los Angeles on September 23 at the Corey Helford Gallery. Known for his Lichtenstein-style murals and skulls, D*Face is surprising his fans with new paintings, sculptures installations and even limited edition prints that reflect on love, romance and death. He is a newly ordained minister and will actually be marrying people at one of his installations. So if you want to get married by D*Face and are in Los Angeles this weekend, drop by the gallery and get married for free. Who knows he might be offering free divorces at his next installation... just kidding. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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