It's time for The Sense! Keeping it pretty busy here in the office and with new Creative Invites this week, the Talenthouse Team found some downtime to watch Spider-Man sling through the city, walked up the ancient Aztec pyramids in Mexico and watched a huge performance art protest at the G20 Summit. Have a look at all the various things we were up to this week!  


Jose Garcia

Marketing Support, Los Angeles


Mexico City, Mexico
A beautiful hot summer day near Mexico City served as the perfect backdrop for my visit to the Teotihuacan Pyramids also known as the Pyramid of the Sun. It is believed that the Aztecs called the ancient architectural marvel the Birthplace of the Gods.
Visiting what is considered to be one of the three largest pyramids in the world at 213 feet was truly remarkable. Climbing to the top of the pyramid was very fulfilling. I took a few minutes to reflect on the enormity of the work it must have taken to build and marveled at ability of people to done it without modern machinery. Art truly can be found anywhere and in this case it was in the form of stone and tezontle, a red coarse volcanic rock of the region.

Mexico Pyramids.gif


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco

TV Show

Breaking Bad- What Kept Us Coming Back, by Frame
Ask a hundred people what their favorite show ever was, and chances are more than fifty will say “Breaking Bad” before you can blink. What made the show so good? This video essay suggests that it’s perfect-circle narrative was key to its success.  


Sergio Pareno

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles 


Spider-Man: Homecoming
I had a chance to watch Marvel's latest entry in their cinematic universe last Friday, Spider-man: Homecoming. Spider-Man is my all-time favorite superhero and I absolutely loved the first two movies. I didn't get around to watching Andrew Garfield's adaptation of Spider-Man but I had high hopes going into this film as it was the first time that the character would be under Marvel's direction. After watching the film, I thought Marvel did an amazing job. I loved how we didn't get fed another long, slow-moving origin story, and instead, were thrown straight into a fun, colorful adventure with this new interpretation of Peter Parker. The film had a level of comedy that was just miles ahead of the first trilogy of movies. The film also had that sense of Marvel touch that all of the other previous Spider-Man films sorely missed. Overall, Homecoming was another amazing entry in Marvel's library of superhero films and I can't wait for Spider-Man's next entry on the big screen.



Gilberto Jimenez

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles


During the G20 Summit in Hamburg, people walked on the streets dressed in all grey and acted like zombies to protest the summit. This was part of a coordinated art performance called 1000 GESTALTEN and it aimed to raise awareness that people in society can make more of a difference than just the people in power. The organizer of this art performance said," Change doesn’t come from above, but from each and every individual.” Have a look at the artistic protest and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.   

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