Another fast paced week gone by and a ton of new Creative Invites will be coming up. We also spent some time watching a new Nolan masterpiece, Dunkirk, discovered some amazing acts in the America's Got Talent finals and watched a stop motion animation with Lego as foodTake a peek at what the team was up to this week.  


Sergio Pareno

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles 


Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan is my all-time favorite director, so I have been looking forward to this film ever since it was announced last year. I love everything about a Nolan film: from the epic production to the cinematography to the masterful soundtrack (The Dark Knight and Inception are two of my favorite films).
I read several reviews that stated that the film needs to be seen in IMAX 70MM to be fully enjoyed, so I traveled about 20 miles last Friday to attend the closest showing. I am fully glad I did as it was a visual masterpiece. Everything down to the tiniest detail just seemed so perfectly thought out. The fact that Nolan opted to use actual ships and planes along with thousands of extras playing the British army instead of using CGI gave me a new found appreciation for filmmaking. Nolan throws us straight into the action which felt like being on a rollercoaster that never lets up from start to finish. Dunkirk is hands down one of my favorite films of the year.


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco

Short Film

Lego In Real Life (Stop Motion), by Brick Bros. Production
A guy makes toast and eggs for breakfast, except his ingredients are LEGO bricks. This stop-motion animation was made in the style of PES films. BrickBrosProductions are the guys behind this video, it took them three days of filming and 1,500 pictures!
Short and sweet, and satisfying. Happy weekend everyone!


Jose Garcia

Marketing Support, Los Angeles

TV Show

America's Got Talent, on NBC
I'm currently addicted to America's Got Talent. Perhaps it has to do with my favorite judge Simon Cowell returning to the show or the wide variety of talent. Last week on the show, the judges narrowed the contestants down to their favorite seven out of twenty that advanced them to the live shows.
My two favorite acts of the night were: Angelica Hale a 9 year old singer who performed Alicia Key's "Girl on Fire" this girl is not only adorable but she can sing. The judges agreed and gave her the golden buzzard which automatically advanced her to the live shows.
My second favorite was the Dancing Trump act. He is somewhere between a singer, comedian and dancer. His vocals aren't the greatest but he can definitely impersonate Donald Trump and makes for great comedy. 

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