Another fast paced week gone by and we've launched some new Creative Invites. We spent some time listening to Joey Bada$$’ new album, checked out the new Starbucks drinks in Japan and re-discovered the love for a cappella music. Take a peek at what the team was up to this week.


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco 


Starbucks, Japan
Japan is known for its evolution in style, amazing mannerisms, exotic food and uber-adorable pets. Starbucks Japan is no exception when it comes to its very own exclusive menu. Upping Starbucks’ usual Frappucino and Pudding, the Japan sector has introduced a couple items to the menu you could add to your ‘Basic White Girl’ bucket list. Meet the country’s very own ‘Matcha Pudding’ and ‘American Cherry Pie’ Frappucino.
The ‘Matcha Pudding’ bears the authentic flavors and pride of Japan and the ‘American Cherry Pie’ is Japan’s limited edition beverage in celebration of the forthcoming summer season (consists of cherry compote layers holding together a vanilla-flavored frappucino in the middle). There has been no announcement on the items making its way to the US market. In the meantime, have a look through the drool-worthy items below. 

output_X7wXK9 (1).gif 


Tommy Monks 

Account Manager, Los Angeles


"Fools" by Troye Sivan
This past week, I’ve become re-obsessed with my college passion of a cappella music. My college a cappella group (the Villanova Supernovas) recently came in 3rd in their ICCA semifinal, so that reignited my spark for the genre. One group competing this month in the ICCA finals in NYC is the Nor-easters from Northeastern University. I’ve been following them for years, but recently they posted a new cover that blew me away.
Covering “Fools” by Troye Sivan, the Nor’easters manage to take a great, powerful song and make it even more impactful. The arrangement is unbelievable and was provided to the group by alum Shams Ahmed, an a cappella genius in his own right. Hopefully this song will be included in their ICCA finals set, because if it is, I think they have a genuine shot at the title. Though this form of art is very niche, take a listen and hopefully it can inspire you as much as it inspires me! 


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Social Media / Content Coordinator, Los Angeles


All Amerikkkan Bada$$, by Joey Bada$$
The Brooklyn native Joey Bada$$ just dropped his very long-awaited album called All AmeriKKKan Bada$$, with all tracks made entirely from scratch, no samples. Bringing it down to basics, the album comes two years after he dropped his first LP and this album is pure fire. Joey Bada$$ is known for his conscious lyrics and has been a huge face of underground hip-hop in New York for years, considering he is only 22 years old right now. This album is everything you would expect form this artist, it's provocative, catchy and makes you think. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  


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