Inspired by the iconic film, The Goonies, artists worldwide created over 480 GIF sticker packs to celebrate the 4K release. The sticker packs captured the adventure and journey the characters endured during the film; featuring pirate skeletons (One-eyed Willy), treasure maps, pirate ships, Sloth and classics like the "Truffle Shuffle" and Data's gadgets. In the end, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment chose Felipe Bruno as the Selected Creator and Elena Maykhrych along with Oliviero Spinelli as Finalists. We want to congratulate these artists and thank everyone who participated in this invite. With so many brilliant GIFs, our team over here at Talenthouse picked our top favorites to highlight along with the Finalists. Check them out below!



Elena Maykhrych
Lviv, Ukraine 



Oliviero Spinelli
Milan, Italy



Talenthouse Picks 

Miguel Ramos
Lima, Peru




Anvay Kantak
Lonavala, India




Alina Makarimova
Tyumen, Russia

 2020-04-11 02-39-09.gif

Sanjay Nayak
Hyderabad, India

One Eyed Willy n Do The Truffle Shuffle n Pinchers of Peril.gif


Michele Missio
Udine, Italy



Daiana Villalva
Mar del Plata, Argentina



Alex Yunak
Kyiv, Mexico


Filipe Marcus
Natal, Brazil


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