There’s a new open brief for The Glenlivet to craft an original carton and bottle design for The Glenlivet’s 200-year anniversary using your own unique skills and talent, but do what you can to incorporate or reimagine our brand equities to make this distinctively The Glenlivet.

You can be in with the chance of winning a total of £5,000, take part in a virtual whisky masterclass with The Glenlivet Global Brand Ambassador and have your work produced and sold as a Global Limited Edition in 2024.

The Glenlivet wanted to give you a few tips to help you develop your designs and be inspired. Let’s dive in, shall we...

TH: The Glenlivet are celebrating 200 years! How would The Glenlivet like this be celebrated and captured in the designs submitted?

The Glenlivet: At The Glenlivet, we have been setting new standards in whisky since 1824.  200 years later our Single Malt continues to showcase a passion for progression and originality. We want to celebrate this key milestone for the brand by going to shelf with packaging that is reflective of our brand values and our placing as a disruptor within the Single Malts category.

We are looking for designs that are fearless and convention-breaking so we can arrest the attention of the next generation of whisky drinkers.  We invite you to create fresh, contemporary Limited Edition packaging for The Glenlivet that embraces the changing face of Single Malt.

TH: What colours do The Glenlivet think are important to be included in the designs?

The Glenlivet: We are not afraid to be bold in our colour choices and lean into a visually striking aesthetic. Teal is the signature colour of our 12-year-old whisky so this should be championed on the pack. Our visual identity is apparent through our comms embracing hyperrealism, leveraging colour blocking and using contrasting colour combinations.

TH: What should creatives take inspiration from producing their bottle label and carton?

Chivas.jpeg Beefeater.jpeg Jameson.jpeg Pepsi.jpeg

Credit / References

 TH: What is The Glenlivet looking for in a ‘perfect’ submission?

The Glenlivet: We want you to submit designs that are bold and courageous  – don’t be afraid to mix it up. The design must feel open and approachable for first-time Single Malt drinkers, and exciting and original for existing drinkers.

This is a premium product so the packaging needs to reflect this, share with us your modern interpretation of premium whisky codes. Remember that The Glenlivet and Single Malt in general are seen as an aspirational product, so we want to see designs befitting of this.

Your submission needs to tell a story of originality and breaking traditions, please share with us the inspiration behind your design and how this interweaves with The Glenlivet’s brand values.

TH: Is there anything that would feel off-brand or off-brief that creators should know about before starting their designs?

The Glenlivet: What we don’t want to feel traditional, vintage or overly nostalgic. The brief is about originality and breaking traditions so don’t fall for typical whisky tropes and avoid a classic look and feel. If using patterns or texture in the pack visuals, please be measured.  Make sure the packaging won’t be mistaken for other products within our range with a consideration for the existing colour codes established.  Consider other brands within the category and that differentiation is required. 

TH: Is there anything creators should completely avoid or include when developing their work?

The Glenlivet: Please consider that this is in an alcohol brand, and you cannot imply drunkenness or, irresponsible drinking. The design cannot seem enticing to children so avoid imagery such as cartoon characters. Avoid any inferences to violence (George Smith carried guns but the pack cannot!). Please do not include images of people under 25 on pack or references to other brands in the artworks.

Submissions for The Glenlivet Open Brief close on December 5, 2022, at 5:00 PM. Hurry, don't miss out!