'Nothing' the great cavernous expanse of nullity and nonbeing. Staring down at a blank page, with your mind like the whitewashed wall of a Grecian church, the stark blankness and depth of nothingness can be one of the most discouraging things we face. For most of us, nothing breeds nothing; the more we worry about our inability to work, do and create, the less capable we become. Yet, nothing and the art of doing nothing is also something that has been readily celebrated by many.

In 2012 London's Haywood Gallery held it's notorious 'Invisible' art exhibition whilst composer John Cage's piece '4.33' consists of three movements, all of which silence. What's more, Cage's 'Lecture on Nothing' is also a brilliant discourse on the subject; expounded is the idea that nothing is most definitely something.

Nothing and doing simply nothing can, as it seems, can be both the barer and subject of great creativity. Doing nothing can, in certain circumstances, allow ideas and concepts to flow freely; coming to us through a natural progression, blossoming rather than being forced to grow within a false artificial environment. It is these, the ideas borne from nothing, that Mark Owen looks to celebrate in his own toast to nothingness The Art of Doing Nothing. Having begun with no real artistic direction or end product in mind, Owen originally began The Art of Doing Nothing as an animation project. As it became a musical one, he initially avoided any vocal input on his own part. Consequently the resulting album is a collaborative effort borne out of strong visual as well as musical beginnings enlisting the help of Alt-J producer Charlie Russell and Ren Harvieu.

In our latest Creative Invite we've teamed up with Mark to explore the notion of doing nothing and how, in many respects, this can aid creativity. Mark invites creatives of all disciplines to help him explore the 'art of doing nothing' whether through visual art, photography, prose, poetry or music, he wants to see your take on how the process of doing nothing can, in the end, create something.

Mark's choice will receive 」1,000, have their work sold officially through Mark's charity and see their work featured across Mark's online channels.

Submissions by June 10, 2013.