When you haven’t got a mentor around, or when you’re the only person you know who draws. When the figure drawing teacher in your class is awful or if there isn’t even a teacher at all, how can you learn?

So opens Luis Escobar’s blog on how to improve your art. And he has a great answer. You may remember Luis from a previous profile on our blog. That and that he's worked for years on The Simpsons on storyboards and as a comic book artist. So what's his advice this time?


Without giving it all away, he talks some about the ideas of "meta-learning" and "gamification". Sounds like a bunch of buzzwords, but there are some real good advice here.

Meta-learning is the idea of breaking down a subject into building blocks. Creating these building blocks is itself a learning process and one that leads to deeper understanding of the subject.

Gamification is taking something and adding goals or a stake to it, like a reward system. But there has to be a middle ground or else it is too easy and not rewarding or it’s too hard and leads to frustration.

He more to say in the video (if you haven't watched it yet) and on his blog. He also has a newsletter for artists and illustrators with some benefits for signing up, if you are so inclined (like a free ebook!).

Check out Luis' Drawing Website.

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