Header Artwork "The Power Of Creativity" by Aleksandra Kizevska

Believe it or not, 2019 is almost over. Which means it’s time to look back at some of the major Talenthouse moments of 2019. Needless to say, you made 2019 an amazing year when thousands of creatives worldwide submitted to our Creative Briefs, and we enjoyed every piece of creativity that came in. Over the past year, we offered 57 Creative Briefs and the most popular brief was non-other than… Joker. With a whopping 4,611 submissions, it's no surprise that the artwork that received the most Loves from our community was one that came from this brief and was created by Ann Bembi with a total of 598 Loves and counting. 

The Philippines dominated this year, with 10% of Selected Creators hailing from there! Along with the United States tied with 10%, United Kingdom with 9.8% and Latin America with 7% of Selected Creators chosen from there. We want to congratulate all the artists and Selected Creators for all their hard work in 2019 and give a special shout-out to these community members who were selected the most; starting with Katerina Sidorova from Russia, with 16 artworks selected; Marcus Hass from Germany, with 15 artworks selected; and Maximiliano Lopez from Spain, with 14 artworks selected. Pretty amazing right? This could be you next year. Selected Creators and Finalists earned over $1.4+ Million over the past year on Talenthouse, and with even more opportunites with our TLNT Group next year, we are on a path to increase that number and help many more creatives. So with that being said, here are our very own personal favorites from the 2019 Creative Briefs.


Fatima Saldivar Alcalde

Content Marketing & Social Media Manager 

Creative Brief: Create captivating artwork inspired by Warner Bros. Joker
Talenthouse Artist: Sorin Ilie, Romania 

“This 2019 was a creative explosion by our community, so I decided to focus on this year's most popular camapaña. The artwork created by Sorin is simply impressive; the colors & lines, the message, all the details of this alternative poster. I can almost hear the soundtrack of the movie when I see Sorin’s artwork.” - Fatima Saldivar Alcalde



Brogues Cozens-McNeelance

Creative & Community Strategist 

Creative Brief: Create artwork inspired by the fifth BBC series of Peaky Blinders
Talenthouse Artist: Liam Proniewicz, United Kingdom 

“The submissions to this Creative Brief were outstanding as a whole––but Liam's work was a particular standout for me, especially after seeing it in mural form on a central London street! I love how he captured the dichotomy between Tommy's internal composure and the tumultuous brush strokes that signify the chaos surrounding him.” - Brogues Cozens    



Hannah Lord

Creative Project Management

Creative Brief: Create artwork inspired by the fifth BBC series of Peaky Blinders
Talenthouse Artist: Harry G Ward, United Kingdom

“I absolutely love how a piece of work captures the complexity of the character. It’s visually stunning and captivates you, unvailes layers of emotion to longer you look at it.” - Hannah Lord



Jade Handley

Brand Partnerships Director, West Coast

Creative Brief: Create captivating artwork inspired by Warner Bros. Joker
Talenthouse Artist: Ann Bembi, Ukraine

“This was a stand out a submission for me from a very competitive Creative Invite The creative concept captures the true complexity of Joker, iconic moments from the film, and the dark dreamlike aesthetic. Every time I look at it I find another detail I love. It is an artwork that truly tells a story!” - Jade Handley 

Joker for the CONTEST.jpg


Stephanie Rubin

Vice President, Brand Partnerships

Creative Brief: Create Original T-Shirt Designs for Pact’s “Urban Nature” Fall line 
Talenthouse Artist: Carl Asuncion, Singapore  

“I love this brief because of its underlying theme of sustainability in an urban environment. Any city-dweller can relate to Carl’s take on the juxtaposition of nature and city living and how we can all make a positive impact. The message comes home in a simple yet elegant way -- the image of a tree growing from a fingerprint.” - Stephanie Rubin

PACT 006.jpg


Tommy Monks

Senior Account Manager, Entertainment

Creative Brief: Create artwork for Pet Sematary
Talenthouse Artist: Juan Ramos, United States

“This campaign was a commissioned campaign, but the depth and creativity shown in Juan’s piece is incredibly layered and spooky while leaving a lot to explore with your eyes. There are many different types of incredible movie posters, but I love how this captures both small and large elements of the film in one cohesive design.” - Tommy Monks



Gilberto Jimenez

Director of Global Digital Marketing 

Creative Brief: Create artwork for Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Talenthouse Artist: Pablo Iranzo Duque, Spain

“There were hundreds of amazingly great submissions for this creative brief, so choosing this one was extremely difficult. The reason I ended up choosing Pablo’s was that the structure of the image was different than the rest. It offered a different point-of-view/angle for Godzilla. The light beam rays, color blending and while minimalistic, the image was still quite detailed. Overall a great piece.” - Gilberto Jimenez

God luz.png

We could go on with many, many more amazing artists and artworks but just like this year, we’ve run out of time, so we can only say “Gracias Totales” meaning, “Thank for everything.” You really are the best Creative Community. We hope you had a great year and we’re looking forward to offering you new amazing opportunities in 2020.