Header Artwork "New Wave Meditation" by Carolina Rodriguez

This year is almost over and the Talenthouse Team had an amazing year launching many new Creative Invites and admiring the thousands of artworks that were submitted and uploaded. Artworks from all over the world were submitted in 2018, each one uniquely different and amazing. Brilliant creative ideas and styles were shown and it was an amazing honor for all of us in the Talenthouse Team to see all the new artworks as they came in on a daily basis. Without further ado, here are our very own personal favorites from the 2018 Creative Invites. Happy holidays, see you all in 2019.  


Chloe Lahijani 

Community Manager, Los Angeles  

Creative Invite: Promote your travel photography and videography with Production Paradise
Talenthouse Artist: Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India  

"This piece makes me feel so happy just by looking at the joy and mischief of the three friends. I love artwork that evokes emotions and this definitely does that for me!" - Chloe Lahijani 

Jovial Friendship. (1).jpg


Kassie Rosales 

Global Community Manager 

Creative Invite: Create artwork for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Talenthouse Artist: Redoad Syed, Sweden 

"I love the emotion this piece evokes! The viewer’s attention is so expertly pulled to focus on this little moment in a bustling city, and the hyper realistic style magnifies that.  Of course, growing up in the #HarryPotterEra definitely makes this brief hit closer to home for me!" - Kassie Rosales 

The Niffler.jpg


Creative Invite: Create multi-media artwork for Tullamore D.E.W.
Talenthouse Artist: Mario Ucovic, Croatia  

"There were SO many incredible pieces submitted for this campaign- the thought and intricacy behind each piece completely blew me away! Typically I resonate with softer or more illustrative styles, but the boldness and fluidity of this 3D work, especially paired with the theme of this brief, really impressed me." - Kassie Rosales 



Sergio Pareno 

Campaign Manager, Los Angeles 

Creative Invite: Create artwork for Lore
Talenthouse Artist: Nicky Barkla, Australia  

" While I was looking through the submissions for this Creative Invite, I was really drawn to Nicky’s piece through her amazing use of contrasting colors. I also absolutely love the typography Nicky used in her artwork! I am a huge fan of the Lore podcast series and thought there were a ton of great pieces of artwork submitted for the Creative Invite. This submission was by far my favorite." - Sergio Pareno  



Creative Invite: Create artwork for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Talenthouse Artist: Chris Wykes, United Kingdom 

"Our Creative Invite for the film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was one of my favorite campaigns that we ran this year. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and was absolutely delighted to see all of the submissions come in. My favorite submission came from Chris Wykes of the UK. I loved the color scheme and all of the tiny graphical elements he included within his artwork. Every time I look at this piece, I always find some new detail that I haven’t noticed before." - Sergio Pareno  

Fantastic Beasts 2.jpg


Tommy Monks  

Entertainment Account Manager, Los Angeles  

Creative Invite: Create artwork inspired by The Nun
Talenthouse Artist: ROSH Studios, Netherlands 

"The colors and feel of this picture really captured the fear and mystery surrounding this title." - Tommy Monks



Creative Invite: Create artwork for Mortal Engines
Talenthouse Artist: Juan Ramos, United States

"I’ve rarely seen colors in a movie poster as vibrant as in this submission. It showcases the beauty in the destruction through color and a very cool perspective." - Tommy Monks 



Laura Campbell 

VP Global Brand Partnerships 

Creative Invite: Create original artwork for PepsiCo and Naked Juice
Talenthouse Artist: Elena Maykhrych, Ukraine 

"Elena’s work always blows me away with the colour, design and imagination that has been applied. This work is absolutely stand out and makes me crave a refreshing Naked Juice!" - Laura Campbell



Nicole Adamaszek

Account & Campaign Manager, Berlin 

Creative Invite: Create artwork for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Talenthouse Artist: Doriana Popa, Moldova

"I just love that the artist used watercolor for her artwork which seems to be very fuzzy but detailed at the same time. Within mostly illustration styles in the CI that way of staging Scamander just stood out for me." - Nicole Adamaszek 



Ninna Holm  

Head of Creative Client Services, London 

Creative Invite: Create artwork expressing Heineken’s ‘Open Your World’
Talenthouse Artist: Piyush Jp, India 

"This short gif blows my mind, with it’s simple but stunning colour choice, and the way it flows through the gif from start to finish. Such a great, simple animation." - Ninna Holm 



Gilberto Jimenez 

Global Digital Manager

Creative Invite: Create artwork inspired by Venom
Talenthouse Artist: Don Suratos, Philippines

"The first time I saw this artwork, it just drew me in. The battle scene between Riot and Venom is in full swing and to see the intricacies in the way the symbiote seems to move in a still image is amazing. Not to mention the shadowing and gradation that gives the image life." - Gilberto Jimenez

VENOM poster MAIN small.png


A huge thanks from the Talenthouse Team to all the artists in our community for an amazing 2018! We can't wait to see all the stunning artworks that will come in the new year.