Once in a while, we like to mix things up a bit and surprise you wonderful creators with a FLASH BRIEF! Flash briefs are not linked to brands and just for us to get to know our community a bit better, and see what you lot can really do.

This month we wanted to hear a bit more particularly from our Australian and Kiwi creatives and so the challenge was to: 

Create digital artwork that captures the beauty of Australia or New Zealand

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It was so interesting to see the artists' perspectives of their countries and what they mean them. If you fancy taking a quick escape to the other side of the world - look at the submissions that came in here.

But without any further ado let's get onto our Selected Creator's work for this flash brief and some of our other faves.


Ernie The Aussie Wedgetail Eagle by Brad Nonnenmacher - Australia 

You can see here, Brad's depiction of Australian wildflowers interacting with Aussie-isms. There are 30+ to find! This was hand-rendered and finished in Photoshop. The artwork was inspired by his love for birds and equally his love for Australian flora. Mix in lovable hidden Aussie icons and you have a fun piece that can be enjoyed by all ages.


Aussie Beach Life by Hayley O'Connor - Australia


Hayley is an illustrator and graphic designer based on the beautiful and sunny Gold Coast and her life in Australia revolves around the beach (editor's note: We are SO JEALOUS). Hayley added: "Every time the sun is out you run down to have surf, swim, tan on the beach. The sound of kookaburras wakes you up in the morning and lets you know when the day is ending. It's absolutely the perfect life to me where the holiday never ends.


Fantastic Aussie Land! By Marcus Mariani - Australia


In his submission, Marcus wanted to show the beauty of Australian flora and fauna in an unusual way. He explains: "I used some iconic plants, trees, birds, reptiles, and animals and created a composition that represents the letter “A” for Australia with a map of the country in the center of the composition. I love my country with all my heart because of the unique and beautiful nature, which is not found in any other place in the world, which is why many Australians love and protect it." 

Australia the island nation by Damian Witham - Australia


This is part of an ongoing island series by Damian. These islands are of well-known landmasses that are not necessarily touched by water e.g. the United States of America. In his art pieces, each country will become its own uninhabited island. When our Talenthouse flash brief came along, he chose to use the same technique to create an Australia island. On this imagined island, we can see lush greenery, rocks, and sand and no sign of human habitat. It really gets you thinking. Where would you like to set up camp?

Native Wildlife by Serval Fandango - New Zealand


And finally, the ever-surprising Serval Fandango has created this piece with a blend of native birds and plants mixed with colors related to New Zealand indigenous culture.

Te Maunga by Jordan Heath - New Zealand


This digital artwork is based on a photo taken on a flight over the southern alps in Aoraki/Mt Cook in the South Island of New Zealand. Having moved to Melbourne, Australia, a couple of years back this piece is a reminder of home to Jordan. 

Jordan told us a bit more about the motivation behind his art practice: "During lockdown in 2020, I created art as a tool to help regulate my emotions and improve my mental health. I had moved to Melbourne in March 2020 right before lockdown began, I felt more isolated as I did not have the opportunity to go out and make friends. Originally I set out to create an artwork every day, but we all know how difficult that can be. I learned a lot about myself creating art, and began to develop my style. I wanted to create works that were simple, and versatile (could be used on different mediums), but also expressed the journey I was on.

Python Pool by Jenness Ray - Australia


This was a favorite spot for Jenness to swim in and camp at while in Karratha in the ’80s (despite the name!). The Pilbara left a huge impression, the colors, the history, the sheer size of it. As a kid, the beauty of the land and all the things it held was overwhelming.

And with that, our tour of Australia and New Zealand through art is over. We wonder where our next flash brief will take us?

While you wait for that, why not check out the other briefs we have live right now on Talenthouse.