So much talent, so little time. It's our last 2021 installment of Meet The Creators from our last 'Objects in the Wild' brief in partnership with Spark AR. Take a look below at the 15 completely unique and original objects which have been inserted into our reality seamlessly using Spark AR technology and, of course, the power of the imagination.

We're not stopping here though. Our search for the best of the best Spark AR creators continues with part two of this exciting competition. Discover the latest ask and don't delay - the early bird deadline is on December 13, where 20 of the speediest selected creators to submit will take home their share of $85,000.


Take a walk through an alternative universe of mystery, storytelling, and... miniature dinos with our latest gallery of Selected AR Creators.

1. The Spy in the Wild by Ansh Kumar, India - Selected Creator

A steadfast pursuer, used chiefly for following human scents. The observer is the observed in this instance. The spy of the 'wild', which is assumed to be the more sophisticated world here. This is a portal to meet him personally and to bring his reality to you. A character to 'look' forward to.

2. AR Dino by Bharath Nagarajan, India - Selected Creator

This AR effect brings enormous dinosaurs to the real world and makes the experience with dinosaurs incredibly powerful, realistic, and playful. You can place the dinosaurs on any flat surface, and scale them to be any size. Want a life-sized dinosaur to walk around your backyard? Or want a miniature Dinosaur to keep near a teapot or flower vase? You got it. The only limit is your imagination. 

3. Summer in the Bahamas by Carl Espiritu, New Zealand - Selected Creator

I love Flamingos, donuts, and all other summer beach things, so have brought them all in this effect.

4. Cute Rainbow Cloud by Carl Espiritu, New Zealand - Selected Creator

5. Fantasy Rainbow Sky by Christofer Roibal, Uruguay - Selected Creator

Look at the sky and enjoy this fantasy rainbow with sky segmentation. Tap the rainbow to change the sky 

6. Dreamy Portals by Diego Salinas, Mexico - Selected Creator

Inspired by mixed reality and futuristic movies with parallel universes.

7. Prism portal by Igor Sodazot, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

Here you see a transparent virtual kinetic installation that combines rigid geometric shapes with soaring lightness and transparent material. Inspired by different optical illusions and glass material. 

8. Crystal Matter by Iryna Lytvynenko, Italy - Selected Creator

Initially, I wanted to create a sculpture that you could place anywhere, but not a usual sculpture. I love that with augmented reality you can create something magical that does not exist in real life, like this hand sculpture that rises and holds "crystal matter", something magical and beautiful, yet unknown. 

9. Materiality by Katrina Iosia, New Zealand - Selected Creator

The design of the work is a continuation of a materiality-based background. It is inspired by coral landscapes and its tactile surfaces. The materials applied are paintings that I had made in 2017 that represent the colors and the liveliness of living and breathing coral organisms. 

10. P409 episode 1 by Makar Bogdanov, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

These 3D realms feature unique stories and characters equipped with styles selected by fashion designers. The characters are created using the latest 3D body scanning technology, not unlike what is used in contemporary video games. 

11. Explosion test by Makar Bogdanov, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

12. Piet by Selcuk Gucer, Turkey - Selected Creator

I believe this would be something Piet Mondrian would create if he were to see the AR technology. With a slightly ironic touch of cubism. 

13. The Sword of Zaryndan by Yashovardhan Thakur, India - Selected Creator

This is an original mystical saga that we tried to bring to life! It is an immersive AR experience of the main plot of this epic tale - The Sword of Zaryndan!

14. Phoenix 3D effect by Jebin Sathish Kumar, India - Selected Creator

See a phoenix fly using your camera!


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