With just over a week until our early bird submission deadline for our latest creative augmented reality brief with Spark AR, we thought we'd give you all a creative boost by showing off some more of the showstopping selected effects from round one of the competition.

Take a look through the previous submissions from our AR community on Talenthouse and get cracking on yours. 20 Selected Creators will be chosen from the early bird submissions (received before 13th December) and take home a share of $85,000.


 Take a look at the best of the bunch of augmented reality architects below:

1. Eggstarct by Aditya Agarwal, India - Selected Creator

Seamless 3d model animation created in Blender and added textures in Spark AR.


2. Feathers by Yegor Faizov, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

3. Gummies by Alejandro Trejo Casas, Mexico - Selected Creator

Organic and colorful 3D animated shapes that blend into the real world.

4. Lighthouse Tree by Waranya Hassadin, Thailand - Selected Creator

I transformed my doodle black and white art into an AR 3D tree that is also a window to a scene showing a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. I used simple 3D modeling for the tree and a 3D drawing app to create the texture. In addition, I used 2D designs layered in space to create the ocean world seen inside the tree.

5. Something in Motion by Alina Nazmeeva, United States - Selected Creator

Inspired by abstract painting, this work creates a dynamic articulation of layered geometrical compositions in swirling currents. Something in Motion represents the ebb and flow of energy with an effervescent cacophony of flickering objects. Curvilinear dark strokes define the space in which the dancing of reflective, translucent surfaces distorts the reality of the surrounding landscape. This work, created as a sculpture, invites the viewer to walk within the piece and through the landscape, exploring their relationship.

6. Micro-Plastic Being by DN Cherry, United States - Selected Creator

This filter is an excerpt from a short story I wrote - I like to think of it as a trailer. The idea here was to imagine how plastic pollution we create would look walking among us. I recently learned about the micro-plastics produced when we washed our clothes and used that as the primary focus for this piece. Like many other plastics, they wash up into the oceans, end up in fish, and finally back in us. The goal is to intrigue viewers with the giant colorful being waving at us and bring awareness to this topic of micro-plastics. The emitters used in the front and back camera are intended to act as leading lines to the main character. They represent the micro-plastics coming from our clothes and body. 

7. The world is bigger and brighter than you can imagine by Mariia Silich, Ukraine - Selected Creator

When you open this augmented reality world, you will feel incredibly small, because even the leaves will be bigger than you. Be careful walking on this AR filter, a hefty snail crawls in it, which is several times larger than you. Well, to plunge into the world of bright colors, just start recording a story.

8. EVERLAST GLOWFISH by Matheus Astori, Portugal - Selected Creator

I have always wondered how it would be to live under the sea. I would relax contemplating the beautiful fish swimming around nice and slowly, enjoy the sounds of the ocean and dive deep into this fantasy. I'm an architect taking my first steps into the AR world and I'm so excited with the result!

9. Lure by Yegor Faizov, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

10. IN-BETWEEN by Olivia Tavares, Portugal - Selected Creator

Every Instagram Story has two sides. People and screens, in-person and remote meetings, real and virtual. What does reality mean nowadays? If we don't know what is real, then how do we know what is fake? This is an ambigram made from the words REAL and FAKE, to be perceived from different angles, fulfilling the metalanguage of the piece. I've just started experimenting with AR and this is a piece that portrays what goes through my mind when I think about social media and how people deal with it. 

11. Introvert by Selcuk Gucer, Turkey - Selected Creator

A floating kinetic piece in which you can lose yourself watching the loop. 

12. Beware Whale by Andrea D'Ascanio, Italy - Selected Creator

This filter makes a whale appear before you passing through two portals.

13. Quantum Cucumber by Igor Sodazot, Russian Federation - Selected Creator

The Quantum Cucumber is an alien live plant that can communicate with people by changing color and sound. This creature was inspired by imaginary abstract life forms and microorganisms which are usually invisible to the naked eye.

14. Breathing Blobs by Victor Silva, Portugal - Selected Creator

A collection of mesmerizing blob entities that appear to be alive and breathing. Look around, there's plenty to see! These bubbles were generated through parametric design, meaning that all pieces come from the same code structure but each one is unique, with different parameters of form, number of elements, position, and scale. This is an AR art piece version of a solution developed for a lamp in my design practice with my partner. I'm an architect focused on computational design and AR experiences. I would say the inspiration for this were soap bubbles and technology with a sprinkle of sci-fi. And obviously, the beautiful Casa da Musica.

15. 3D-Paint by Teresa Sp, Germany - Selected Creator

With this filter, love is in the air. Literally. The filter makes it possible. You can paint with 3D-Paint in 3D and use multiple colors. Call it what you want, painting, writing, or sculpting. You can do whatever you want - Writing a nice message or create some cool abstract sculptures!

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