A few weeks ago, Talenthouse “the world’s leading creative platform,” hosted and organized two panel discussions as part of the “SCOPES driven by Porsche” event series in a secret location in Berlin. With SCOPES, Porsche has created a platform where visions of young driven minds are heard and seen. The brand is committed to preserving and fighting for a visionary spirit. 



Together with two Talenthouse artists, Claudia Fischer - Team Lead at Talenthouse GSA - talked about the “Porsche Talent Project” and discussed the role of creativity. The big idea behind the Porsche Talent Project was to connect young and emerging artists from different artistic backgrounds with their idols from within their artistic field. Porsche became the enabler of heroic stories and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for young talents who had the chance to show their skills and work with their industry known mentors.



Florentine Schlüter (fashion designer from Berlin) had the chance to meet Leyla from lala Berlin; Skander Khlif (photographer from Munich) became star photographer's, Peter Lindbergh’s sidekick for the day. Both were surprised and impressed by how approachable their idols were. Far from their expectations, the Talenthouse artists felt like project partners, people who were able to learn from each other and potentially work on future projects together. The panel agreed that most brands are still hesitant to work with emerging artists. They're still focused on established names instead of young talents that think outside the box and would make them more relatable. 



The second Talenthouse event focused on the process behind creativity. Fireside chat partner photographer Emil Levy Schramm looked behind the curtain of the German rap scene with his book “rap kitchen.” Emil emphasized that brands should focus on real stories people can trust rather than inventing marketing stories. Brands should listen to their audience and interact with them in order to understand and speak their language.
Both panels concluded that in the age of digitalization, anonymity and mass consumption, it is more and more important for brands like Porsche to tell real authentic stories to build trust and break through the clutter. 

Here are our three key takeaways of both panels:
(1) Ask yourself “WHY?”: If you have a passion for design, art, photography etc., follow your passion and do what you love to do. Most importantly think about what drives you every day.

(2) Be bold and benefit from young free minds: Brands should support and involve young talents in their creative processes more frequently. Emerging artists are hungry for new projects, encourage fresh ideas and are flexible enough to think outside the box.

(3) Be authentic: Don’t try to copy others, stick to who you are and what makes you stand out from the crowd. At the same time be open towards opinions of others and build on them.