In our recent Creative Invite with Absolut Vodka, Brazilian artist Daniel Barbosa was whittled down from 778 submissions to become one of 6 Selected Creators, standing out for his stunning take and inspiration on Singapore for a limited edition bottle wrap design. In addition to having his work transformed into packaging for the renowned vodka brand, Daniel got the opportunity to travel to Singapore so he could unveil his limited design in person along with famous social media influencer, Yukatis! The Limited Edition Absolut bottles were produced and presented in spectacular displays & screens across the Duty Free stores at the Singapore Changi Airport. Here’s what Daniel had to say about the exciting opportunity in a quick interview with Yukatis.

Yutakis & Daniel interview photo.jpg
Daniel Barbosa (Left)-Yukatis (Right) 


YK: How did you feel when you saw your artwork printed on the Absolut vodka wrap?
DB: I'm very excited about the launch of the Singapore edition of Absolut vodka and that my art was selected in a design for this iconic brand. I can't believe that thousands of people will be able to see the art created with so much love. I am very happy. 



YK: Tell us about the inspiration behind your design.
DB: My inspirations for the Absolut wrap were the main icons and myths of Singapore. One of them is the Merlion, which represents the origins of Singapore. Another important element is the Marina Bay, with the Art Science Museum. It is shaped like a lotus flower, an important symbol in Eastern culture.



YK: This is your first visit to Singapore. Has it lived up to your expectations? Where have you been so far?
DB: My first impressions of Singapore are the best possible. I’ve only been here 24 hours and I’ve felt very welcome. At the airport everyone is so lovely. Everything is organized and clean, everything works perfectly. It’s incredible to be here.


daniel & Yutakis in HPA.jpg
Yukatis (Left)- Daniel Barbosa (Right) 

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