Over the past several weeks a monumental mural had been under construction in front of the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Street, Germany and it's now finally finished. People all over are gazing at the mural that has taken over their local cityscape, a huge piece of meat being sliced with a deep history and political statement. The mastermind behind the piece was multiple-time Selected Artist Marcus Haas and our partnership with Xi-Design aka "Die Dixons" a Berlin based graffiti crew made it a reality. Xi-Design asked the Talenthouse community to create artwork inspired by "If walls could talk" and over 390 mural designs were submitted from across the world. In the end, Xi-Design and guest judge Joab Nist, who runs StreetArt Germany (the biggest Facebook fan-page in Europe on urban art culture), selected Haas' piece because it explored the history of East and West Germany's separation by the Berlin Wall and it's fall in 1989 in a raw and eye-catching way. The mural is located in front of the iron fence which currently marks the former border and the completion of the mural happened within days of the anniversary of the Berlin Wall's construction, perfect timing. Marking the first of many projects to come with Xi-Design, have a look at the Berlin map embedded within the meat marbling and the Xi-Design crew hard at work. 


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Find out more about Marcus Haas in our past interview with him on the Talenthouse Magazine and our Creative Invite with Xi-Design