Talenthouse photographer Skander Khlif was chosen for the Porsche Talent Project with Peter Lindbergh and received the amazing opportunity to travel to a beach in France for an exclusive photoshoot with Peter Lindbergh and Porsche. Here is his exclusive behind the scenes account of the photoshoot on location...

I had the chance to experience a journey into the amazing world of Peter Lindbergh during a Porsche campaign photo shooting featuring a Porsche 911 and Mission E. I was not only assigned to shoot the behind the scenes but also allowed to look over Peter`s shoulder, allowed to be very close, to interact and to get as much insight as possible from a living legend.



Before meeting Peter I tried to discard all the well-known things I have heard and read about him. I made myself forget he is one of the greatest photographer ever. However, I discovered indeed an extremely human person full of empathy and respect towards everyone. He has a very clear vision of the world and a strong personality. He says clearly what he thinks in a very spontaneous and elegant way.



What could not be missed was the exceptional connection with his team, with the client, and his professional way of interacting with the models, which gave them the option to express themselves and deliver an outstanding performance. I could clearly feel and enjoy the confidence and the good vibes Peter spreads. I wished I could spend more time with him but that was suffisant to understand why Peter Lindbergh is such a successful artist and an appreciated person to work with.



What astonished me the most was the overall project efficiency, I saw a mix of technical and aesthetic virtuosity. The process was incredibly sharp and straightforward. Porsche approached the shooting really open minded and Peter immediately created a vision and transformed it into a magically story.



Starting from that Peter‘s team had some weeks to organize every single detail. During the shooting everyone had a clear and important task which was accomplished in a perfect harmony.



I was impressed by everything and especially by the stylist and the make up artist. They were brilliantly dedicated and took wonderfully care of the models. I asked the hairdresser if it is usual to work with such fantastic models in such a great mood and he answered in a proud and humble way that this is one of the most important and enjoyable part of their job: “We put them from the beginning in a great and friendly atmosphere, some nice music, some jokes, a relaxing massage…”



Another impressive aspect was in fact the level of proficiency of the client itself. The Porsche Marketing team were tactful and practical. They new exactly what they wanted to achieve. They deeply respected Peters works and vision. It was even one of the Porsche designers who personally took care of the cars, moved them carefully and even cleaned the glasses between the sets. Those guys represents in a stunning way as human being and project leader the perfection of Porsche as brand. Elegance, subtlety and commitment.



I went home amazed by the results and fitted with some precious advices from Peter. His message was mainly about the importance of following nothing else than the own vision and feeling, and avoiding copying anything and anyone.