To celebrate the new packaging, leading cereal brand Kellogg's partnered with Talenthouse to create unique poster designs inspired by the new cereal boxes. Talenthouse Artists, Ju Schnee and Abby Smedley were each hand-selected and commissioned by Kellogg's to create designs for Kellogg's, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Fruit'n Fibre and Rice Krispies cereals. The designs were then featured on Kellogg's  Instagram and a Cafe pop-up in Manchester, UK for National Cereal Day on March 7th. With lines of people waiting for their bowl of free cereal, the pop-up had Schnee's and Smedley's designs framed and hung around the cafe and even one wrapped on the elevator doors of Kellogg's HQ in Manchester! Take a look at the cereal designs, pictures of the Kellogg's pop-up and a quote from the Kellogg's team themselves. 

"Kellogg’s are long standing admirers of the Talenthouse model and we were delighted when the perfect opportunity to work with them came about following our Cereal packaging rebrand. The collaborative approach to creating the brief was key to delivery of an end product which really captured our key objective from the project: to celebrate our new branding through a refreshing, external lens on bringing our assets to life within modern creative formats! We’re delighted with the results, which have been immortalized in Kellogg’s culture and will help shape our approach to effective creative moving forward." - Kellogg's Team


Ju Schnee







Abby Smedley
United Kingdom 

1 - Co co pops - v1 +v2     s.jpg

7 - cornflakes - v2 s.jpg

8 -crunchy nut - v2 s.jpg

6 - fruit fibr - v2 s.jpg

9 - rice Krispis - v2 s.jpg


Kellogg's Cafe Pop-up 

Kellogg's pop-up cafe artwork.jpg

Kelloggs lift vinyl - Artwork by Abby Smedley, UK - 2.jpg

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