Talenthouse hosted a breakfast panel discussion at Soho House London to discuss today’s democratizing landscape of creativity. Talenthouse’s Co-Founder Maya Bogle, Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor at The Drum, Paul Davies, Consumer Marketing Director at Microsoft and one of our own Talenthouse Artists, Neil Shrubb were amongst the panel.



The scope of discussion focused on praising the sense of inclusion and opportunity that comes with the technological age. Shrubb commented on how much the landscape is changing for artists - gone are the days of artists wandering around with portfolios in hand trying to get work. Today artists from all over the world have access to the latest creative software at their fingertips and have the opportunity to get noticed at the click of a button.



“A great idea can come from anywhere,” said Bogle and that is at the heart of Talenthouse’s ethos. The panel recognized that Creative Invites play a huge role in connecting artists, such as Shrubb, with brands that would otherwise be inaccessible. Paul Davies explained how Microsoft, as a large company, naturally has a few ways of sourcing creative work through in-house teams, agency partners, and using creative platforms, such as Talenthouse. Davies commented, “As the marketing landscape has become more competitive, it’s important for us to experiment and innovate to get a fresh perspective.” Talenthouse artist Shrubb added “Clients often don’t know what they want till they’ve seen it. Things can change overnight - so we should keep evolving.”



The panel also discussed whether the increased accessibility to art could lead to artists’ creativity being commoditized, rather than being used as part of a collaborative effort, from both a consumer and commercial perspective. Comparisons were also made between the world of advertising and the huge shifts we’ve seen in the music industry, where CD sales have virtually been replaced by streaming services. Ideally, we believe technology should not take advantage of creativity, but rather be used to the advantage of both artists and those who want to make use of their art.



The importance of evolving with the times is something that was central throughout the discussion. Interesting points were brought up about how open-source creative companies can be leveraged to unite creatives and businesses to partner in the long run. Artists are able to use technology to help democratize creativity and cash in on opportunities. Brands don’t have to worry about settling for a limited supply of creative concepts and work from their in-house teams and agencies alone. It’s a win for both artists and brands alike.


Talenthouse will be hosting a series of events with Soho House in London, with the next event taking place September 5th @ 9am. If you would like to participate in future events please contact: alex@talenthouse.com