Here is a roundup of the music and dancing that the Talenthouse Team enjoyed this week! From watching some pretty cool ballet geometry to listening to one of Lil Peep's greatest hits, the Talenthouse team had a pretty crazy week filled with new Creative Invite launches. Take a look at what we were up to this week. 


Fatima Saldivar

Community Relations & Social Media Manager, San Francisco


Ballet Rotoscope
The arch of a foot, the smooth transition of one movement to the next, the elegant holding of the leg in an impossible position, all part of the artistry of ballet, with a touch of mathematical precision to boot.
This work is an experimental video created from a research about "Rotoscope" and “Computer Geometry”. Rotoscope is known as a traditional technique for creating animation invented in 1905 by Max Fleischer in which animators traced the actors outline over live-action film to make a realistic cartoon.


Gilberto Jimenez

Global Digital Manager, Los Angeles


"Awful Things" by Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy
Sad news in the music world appeared this week when 21 year old NY rapper Lil Peep passed away. With millions of views on Youtube and many more on Soundcloud, the young rapper was on the rise, getting interviews with GQ and even his last interview with Paper Magazine. Lil Peep was known for blending different genres into his music, specifically gothic music with hip-hop. He essentially created his own genre that other artists started to copy and follow. He died very young and had a bright future with upcoming collaborations with DJ Marshmello, Dilpo, Post Malone and many many other artists. Have a listen to one of his biggest songs "Awful Things" which placed him on the map. RIP.  


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