Remember that awesome Atomic Blonde Creative Brief we had awhile back? Well, if you missed it, two of the Selected Creators got their artwork featured and printed as the official Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook covers for the in-home release! The neon lights, 80s vintage aesthetic, and non-stop action inspired these creative pieces. Both Katerina Sidorova and Ed Griffin brought their own style that just oozed spy film. 


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Katerina Sidorova


With more than 16 years of experience, Katerina Sidorova is a professional graphic designer, interior designer and artist who has been a multiple time Selected Creator here on Talenthouse. Currently living in Cheboksary, Russia, Katerina said she loved her job because it exposed her to a variety of design tasks from different clients. All ranging from print designs, drawing portraits to creating presentations.

As a huge fan of action movies and Charlize Theron, Katerina instantly decided to participate in the Atomic Blonde Creative Brief.  Katerina said, "I wanted to create something simple, eye-catching and bold. I used several elements which I noticed in the official trailer and pictures; like the red high heels of the main hero, and the target and barrel of a gun. I used contrasting colors to represent the action and metaphor of this story." 

Although not selected initially, several months later, Charlize Theron personally selected her artwork to be on the Limited Edition Steelbook! Katerina expressed the surprise as,"I was really shocked, because so much time passed since it was announced, and I really didn’t expect to be selected additionally. I received letter from TH several days before my Birthday, so it was Great Birthday present for me." 




Ed Griffin


Hailing from Chicago, United States, Ed is an Illustration Director and the Senior Designer at Haugaard Creative. This creative professional not only focuses on illustration and design, but also does packaging, creative direction, and character development! His illustration of Charlize Theron in the Atomic Blonde cover perfectly captures the savagery, sensuality and visual vibrancy of the film in a single image. 

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Pretty great right? We'll leave you with some positive words from Katerina herself. 
"NO LIMITS exist for art, everything is possible, even being selected by a movie star when you never expect it. Art is a universal language, which is understandable in every point of our small and beautiful planet. For artists who are working hard on each Creative Brief and still have not been selected, don’t give up! I was selected many times but wasn’t selected many more. Just put personal creative targets and enjoy every time you create something! Success will come when you don't expect it. Good luck and happy creations!" Katerina Sidorova