Another truly bizarre, upsetting and mildly terrifying year has passed us by. As we tentatively peek around the corner into 2022, it is of course time to publish some lovely lists, looking back at what we spent the past year doing.

To keep things light, we're going to be self-centred and focus on what the Talenthouse community was enjoying this year, rather than touching on anything medical or political. Gulp. 

Anyway, here's what the community was reading and sharing on during 2021:

1. Clothes are selling for more money in the metaverse than they are In Real Life


Writer Rosalyn Page explored how artists are turning their hands to creating assets for the Web 3.0, and are designing clothes, accessories, avatars and more for purchase in the metaverse. After the news that a Gucci handbag sold on Roblox for more money than it's worth in a real life where someone could actually wear the handbag out and about, ears and wallets perked up at the news that the metaverse is now a legitamate revenue stream for artists. 

Read the full article here.

2. How artists are making money from non-nude content on OnlyFans


Sarah Kante spoke to three artists about the various ways they've used OnlyFans to make money from sharing their artwork. As OnlyFans danced back-and-forth over rule changes this year - first announcing the platform was to ban the sexually explicit content it has become known for, and then backtracking and deciding actually the sexy stuff is OK - the site has been making big marketing pushes to attract artists and creatives to the platform. 

But does anyone actually use OnlyFans to appreciate or purchase art? How can artists use the platform as another revenue stream? Read the full article here.

3. How to build a brand as an artist and why you even need one anyway

brand building.jpg

Look, this is an oldie but a goodie as it's still packed full of relevant and practical advice. It's somewhat irksome that to be successful as a creative you need to 'brand yourself', but this is the world we live in. In this piece, we go through 8 things to think about in order to nail your personal branding. Read the full article here.

4. The creativity word test


We all like to be defined by silly little tests on the internet, and this instance was no different. Even if we know, truly know, that we are creative and magnificent, something inside us wants to be validated by an anonymous quiz online. Read the full article here.

5. The great NFT debate


Non Fungible Tokens and all the debate swirling around them really came into focus in 2021. While a lot of artists are benefitting financially from selling their art as NFTs, there's another camp who thinks this 'digital exclusivity' is really quite ridiculous, when everyone else can right-click-and-save an image online, or screenshot with no bother. There's also their impact on the climate to think about... are NFTs legit, or a scam? Read the full article here