The entries are coming in strong for this year's PBR Can Art Contest, and for the first time, it's global. We reached out to our international community and asked 11 Talenthouse Artists from around the world to talk us through the inspiration behind and the process involved with their PBR submissions this year.

As a reminder, you can submit your own work to the brief, here.

1. Winifred Dixon Botha, Cape Town, South Africa

"I’m an art director/designer/illustrator and copywriter and a bit of a workaholic, I never stop thinking of creative things to do or projects I’d like to get involved with and always seeking fellow dreamers a d doers from all walks of life to collaborate with. 

"My PBR submissions have all been creative ideas and thoughts that I can never really place but have always wanted to create. I adore vintage Motel signs as they put you in a time warp, so I thought why not create a Pabst Motel or a Pabst 'Open House'. My personal favourite is the Pabst Ace of Cups as I saw a range of beer Tarot card like designs for the PBR cans."


"Tarot cards and the things that come with them have made a huge comeback (I’ve always loved the designs of these cards) so it was just a fun play on words.  


"A creative brief such as the PBR one gives you ultimate freedom which you don’t usually have when working with brands and clients. You usually work to strict guidelines and set ideas but this is where we all love to thrive. A place where (a brief) where we can be silly, fun, shocking, outlandish and create all the things we either don’t get time for or as mentioned above 'place' for." 

2. Jacobo Amador, Valencia, Spain

"I’m visual artist and tattooer, and in my free time I sing in a punk band. My work is always in contact with the counter culture, underground, skate, punk, psychedelia of the 1960s and the pineal gland.


"I know the Pabst brand from the videos from band 'RED FANG, and I think they have been very inspiring. I think Pabst has claw, I imagine it wild. That's why I think that in the illustration an animal has to appear that represents it, that when you're drinking it, you'll give it that energy."

3. Tony Wilim, Bekasi, Indonesia

"I've worked as a freelancer for about 4 years and have a background in communication visual design. I focus my illustrations around cartoon and manga style, and mostly I do character illustration projects for fan-art, or original character. Since my childhood I've really loved cartoon and anime movies.

PBR Can Artwork manga space.jpg

"For my PBR submission I wanted to show happiness, joy, and freedom with funny and fun concepts. I wanted to include stories of making people happy like gatherings, free will and relaxing."

4. Andrew Audsley, Sydney, Australia

"I like to call myself a creative problem solver as this is what I do on a day to day basis, I get a kick out of solving problems using simple creative ideas. 


"The ‘Break Free’ PBR submission I entered was inspired by what‘s been happening in the world today. The feeling of being trapped and isolated. I wanted to create a simple piece that inspired people to think and break out of the box (can) they’ve been contained in. I also felt using positive words of encouragement within the gaps would help to strengthen the overall idea."

5. Andres Leonardo Alvis Ascencio, Ibagué, Colombia

"I’m an architecture draftsman but my true passion is the artistic drawing.

 "My process for PBR started with a bit of investigation about the brand, looking for its origin and its year of foundation, to know even more about its history and work in the contest objective. Therefore, I took as an idea and made a special emphasis in the design of the American beer. I tried to capture the free spirit of the bald eagle. I think this could help and keep the brand. The idea of the bald eagle as a national animal of the United States of America, an animal that has strength, power, determination and inspires with their characteristics and when it takes flight makes people want to be brave. 


"All this characteristics show us a free spirit, the presence of the bald eagle is telling us to don’t be afraid and feel free physically and spiritually. 

"Personally, I think that a beer on a Friday night with some friends makes us feel free of the busy lives that we have. Free of the daily routine, free to express ourselves without any condition and free to escape untethered like the bald eagle."

6. Eme Garcia Val, Maracaibo, Venezuela

"Two years ago I decided to be serious about my art and my point of view as an illustrator, mixed with the experience that I have working for brands and social media marketing. Nowadays I create artwork  for products, music and digital projects. I'm also an apprentice in the tattoo world, I'm looking to explore other canvases and other ecosystems for my art to live in. 

"My PBR creative process started with a vision. The most important thing to me is the concept. My priority is to always give a very clear message, that anybody can understand and process in their own ways. 


"In this case I focused on the spirit of the brand - it's a beer, come on. It's just about relaxing and having fun, so I really wanted to create and artwork that incentivizes a time to have a break. It;s ok to have free time to do whatever makes you happy, whether it's to have a beer, eat a pizza, do some painting, go to a museum, be disconnected from the world. In the time we are living in, we have to have a friendly reminder that we can enjoy ourselves and not feel guilty about it."

7. Frida Lucero, Auckland, New Zealand

"I work as a Nurse full time but have always loved arts and crafts. I have a big love for interior designing, too.



"I tried to visualize my PBR can art design on the shelves of supermarkets and stores, and want the shoppers to be able to see the design right away. This is why my designs have bigger details and prints than usual, so that the customers to see the details right away as they walk towards the shelf."

8. Ana-Gabriela Stroe, Herning, Denmark

"Drawing has been my greatest passion ever since I can remember. I love digital illustration, but will always have a soft spot for traditional art. Painting on skateboards is one of the things I enjoy most. 

"I’ve seen the PBR brief over the past few years, and thought it was a bummer when it was only open to US artists. This year when I saw it’s open worldwide I was so excited, I decided to just go with the flow and simply have a blast with it!


"I’m actually Romanian, but living in Denmark, beer is just a natural part of your day to day. It brings people together in such a wholesome way. I have always loved PBR as a brand, always loved their fun approach, it’s something I can really relate to and appreciate. At the end of the day I had the opportunity to tell a story through my artwork and show what their brand means to me, and that’s pretty awesome."

9. Yanina Castagnola, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I'm a graphic designer and since I got my degree back in 2012 I've been working on different kinds of projects, from branding to digital art, some illustration and of course plenty of non - professional projects. So, to be honest I am not sure if I define myself as graphic designer or an artist or a creative soul.  


"The great thing about this kind of creative contest is that you read the brief and even though there are some rules, there is plenty of freedom to be creative. I love to let my imagination free. Of course you have to set a path and a concept to work on it but the real magic happens when you take risk and move from what you first decided and start to try new ideas that come up with while working. I started with a concept in mind, took a blank paper and start sketching. The result some kind of surrealistic illustration that invites you to explore the world in your own way."

10. Giovana Arcangelo Francatto, Mogi-Guaçu, Brazil

"I'm an aspiring illustrator and would describe myself as a shy person, a chocolate and cats lover and an admirer of art in all its forms.


"As the demanded colors were only white and blue for PBR, I soon thought about doing something related with the ocean. Initially I wanted to create the impression that the drawing was showing a scene that happens inside of the can, as if the beer inside were the ocean. Therefore I started to sketch and to evolve my ideas until I came up with the diver that sinks in the ocean looking for a treasure box filled with Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. To make it funny, I also added the octopus tentacles taking advantage of the treasure. All this creative process to define the drawing was handmade, after that I scanned the drawing and vectorized it on the computer." 

11. Clément Barbé, Paris, France

"I used to work as an art director in an advertising and communications agency, but have working as a freelancer since 2018. 

 "I get inspired by a lot of things, I love taking a long walk and looking at the architecture around me, or colors in trees etc.. I also like to watch a lot of movies, I try to be very observant of the craft directors put in their film, and try to reproduce that craft into a poster.


 "With this brief I took the opportunity to try and experiment with new things - it's a rare thing to have such a freedom in a brief! The difficulty is the monochromatic blue requirement, but it is great to have restrictions! I was inspired by Japanese anime and comics for this one, I wanted to do something really inspired by pop culture.

"The most important part of creation is expressing yourself and having fun, it's the best way to stand out as an artist so enjoy!"