In case you missed it, four amazing Talenthouse artists murals can be seen around Germany for the Netflix hit, Dark. The dark undertones of the series and engaging characters, left artists with a large playground of inspiration. Each artist brought a unique point of view - perhaps because of the global diversity they represent - Brazil, Philippines, Egypt and India - all inspired, some a little more than others (Martha obsessed!) by the Dark.


Amaury Filho


Amaury considers himself a designer, illustrator, movie buff and all around nerd who has worked in the ad agency world since 2001. Aside from brand development and graphic design he has developed award-winning teaching materials. Clients include Epic Games (Fortnite), Wise Up, Red Balloon, Cerveza Poker (Colombia), Curitiba Theater Festival, Camisá Virá, Red House International School, Omelete Box Magazine and NerdStore.

In his free time, he loves to express himself by creating alternative posters for films and TV series. One of which won 2nd place in the 2017 Clube de Criação do Paraná.

The following year he immersed himself in the world of comics, illustrating a short story and creating the graphic design of the horror anthology: Teatro do Pavor, launched by Skript Editora at CCXP. In 2019, in partnership with screenwriter Douglas Freitas, he created the complete art of the comic: Nas Profundezas da Loucura, inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

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Ahmed Gamal


Born in Egypt, Ahmed Gamal has three years of advertising experience as a digital artist and graphic designer. His freelance work focuses on digital paintings, posters, typography and characters as well as icons and logo design.

Ahmed often balances client requests with finding new and creatively innovative approaches to “accomplish the most perfect and attractive artwork for the audience.” 

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Gokul Gautham


Gokul Gautham is from Tamilnadu, India and is currently completing his final year of university at B.Tech Information Technology. It was in the 10th grade that he discovered photography - a hobby that spurred his interest in design resulting in a VFX class, but he is predominantly self-taught.

He then began to work as a publicity designer on some short films saying “I love to make alternative posters for movies, TV shows and anime.” At just 21 years old Gokul added, “I’m so happy that I was a selected creator for Dark creative brief...and I’m really happy to be part of the community.” 

We are happy too Gokul and we can’t wait to see what you create next!

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Lendl “Dale” Romero


Lendl Romero aka Dale is an illustrator and menswear designer from Manila in the Philippines. He recently launched a street style menswear line that he hopes will soon be a household name.

He considers himself a huge fan of Dark particularly its time travel theme and has a rather large crush on the character Martha, who obviously inspired his artwork for the brief. We talked a little more with Dale about his creative process and he had a lot to say. 

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 Check out the murals in action!