Back in October 2021, MSC Cruises started looking for new artwork to adorn the hull of the MSC Euribia ship. Of course, they came to Talenthouse to tap into the skills of our talented community.

As a refresher, one Selected Creator's artwork will be the brand new design for the MSC Euribia, which the artist will visit in-person (before receiving a cruise for themselves - nice), as well as €14,000 prize money. The artwork will be displayed over the entire 331 meters of the ship's hull, and take inspiration from the marine ecosystems that MSC aims to help preserve.

So without further ado, let's have a look at the winning design.

1st Place Winner: Alex Flämig


"The preservation of the oceans with its unique ecosystem plays a major role in the current environmental protection program. In addition to reducing greenhouse gases and using environmentally friendly energies, it is important to protect the ocean from irreparable damage. In order to make people even more aware of this unique underwater world with its precious life, I have graphically placed a small section of this ecosystem on the hull of the MSC Euribia," said Alex.

"What was important to me was not only the representation of the underwater world, but also a message about how it should be preserved. I also want to express that an intact sea is also the basis for a healthy ecosystem on land. I want to emphasize this with the representation of e.g. birds, insects and leaves, and last but not least, with the globe."

"The color scheme is essentially based on the colors of the sea. I use blue and turquoise tones in my design, which consist of a total of nine colors. These range from a dark blue (depth of the sea - RAL 5026) to a light blue / turquoise (sea surface / nature on land - RAL 5018). I do not use color gradients within the elements, but rather create the impression of a color gradient through the color gradation of the neighboring elements. The texture, which consists of the individual design elements, can be used flexibly by displaying the individual images separately on a wide variety of media, combining them as desired or completely rearranging them."

Finalist - Alina Panshina


"This design is a celebration of the seascape vastness and the feeling of the adventure when one sets sail. I decided to keep it simple to convey the elegant look, so the main elements are the waves, clouds and the seagulls inspiring for a new discovery. I live in a seaside city myself and feel that the sea is more thanjust a word for me, it's a part of my soul and I enjoyed working on this design so much! I'll be glad if my vision could be as exciting for you as it was for me to create."

Finalist - Vix Black


"This is an artistic graphic composition entirely hand-drawn with graphic board and a digital pen. Overall, I wanted to represent some icons of the marine world swimming through different environments; I detached the subjects from their environments, trying to highlight the different ecosystems of the sea, and the different animals, crustaceans and corals that live there."

Finalist - Daniel Weatheritt


"My MSC designs take inspiration from marine ecosystems, incorporating many scenes of coral reefs, tropical fish, a nautilus, turtles, blue whale, jellyfish and a giant Cephalopod on the ship's bow. I used a dip pen with drafting ink for all of my drawings, which have been scanned and digitally coloured, working to a limited palette of 7 colors. I enjoy the use of pattern, which gives a mosaic quality to many areas, and the colours gradually transition from a higher percentage of red at the rear, gradually shifting to predominantly blue and green at the front."

Finalist - Tamiyo Hashimoto


"Protecting the ocean habitat is also about not disturbing its environment or breaking the biodiversity chain. It is being humble, trying to blend into the environment. The design combines shapes and forms of the marine world with some subtle colours to make Euribia look like it is part of the marine world, and blend it in with the landscape it is trying to preserve."

Finalist - Remita Manapaty


"My art represents Love and Care for the Sea and Marine life. It also spreads awareness on how fragile marine life is and that we should act responsibly. I have included corals to represent the work that MSC does to help protect and preserve coral reefs."

We at Talenthouse want to extend a huge congratulations to Alex and the finalists, and to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted. Check out all the submitted artwork here!