Talenthouse presented an amazing opportunity and invited artists and designers from all over the world to create an advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company 3 Wheeler vehicle. This generated a great amount of phenomenal submissions from very talented people, making the selection of winners much more difficult for the judges and community.

The community has spoken and the exceptionally skilled designer Murtaza Ahmed was elected as the Community Choice Winner for his entry Heritage is Timeless & So is a Morgan 3 Wheeler. Murtaza is originally from Lahore, Pakistan and later moved to the UK, where he received his BA in automotive engineering from Loughborough University and a Masters degree in design and transport from Coventry University. Up until a couple of weeks ago, Murtaza was working as a product design engineer in Lahore, and now has a new job as a creative lead for an events management company. Congrats!

Murtaza has been doing graphic design for only about a year and a half and produced this amazing entry that wowed the community. He began designing when he started his Masters program at Coventry and it was there that he was introduced into 3D surface modeling using Autodesk Alias Automotive 2013 and Showcase 2013. Murtaza said, "I thoroughly enjoyed the rendering part of the project, there is feeling of satisfaction you get when you are done rendering your own models." While searching on Autodesk's Facebook page for more information on Showcase, Murtaza stumbled upon the creative invite for Morgan Motor and decided to participate. It took Murtaza almost 3 to 4 weeks to get the submission material he needed in order to participate including. He created three different concepts with each looking better every time he created a new one. The design took him 4 to 5 days to create as a result of finding better ways to render and coming up with new ideas. It took Murtaza around 9.5 hours to finish the final render design look in Showcase. His inspiration for the Morgan 3 wheeler design was based on the history and parentage of Morgan Company.

Murtaza: Well, when you buy a Morgan 3 wheeler, you don't just buy a car, you buy into a part of history. You become part of Morgan family, which is reflected by the sheer passion craftsmen possess for building the car itself. Ride for Glory it says on my rendered model, and indeed the mavericks’ who flew in WWI did exactly that. So it is a fitting tribute to them as well.

The 3 wheeler ad design created by Murtza looks mean, aggressive, and sleek, ready to race proudly with its number 99 on the hood. The glistening chrome of the car reflects beautifully in the night with the street lamps of the city. The yellow, silver and black colors demand the recognition and respect to the onlookers. The Ride for Glory lettering and bullet holes on the side of this classic car give homage to those who flew fighter planes in WWI. The reflection of the city illuminates the shiny curves of the vehicles body and embraces them as its own. The night is set to enjoy the Morgan 3 Wheeler.


Being selected as the community winner with 1,548 votes, Murtaza is excited about being able to represent his country Pakistan on HP, Autodesk, Talenthouse, and NVIDIA's social media channels, while winning the community choice in his words is the,"cherry on the cake." He said, "The best part was that I got to represent my country in a positive light on an international level in whatever capacity it maybe, I am proud to have represented the brilliant potential the people of Pakistan have to offer in the field of design!" Murtaza will also receive an HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation laptop to continue designing and creating his amazing pieces for the world to enjoy.

Murtaza would like to dedicate his Community Choice Winning achievement to the memory of his beloved mother. 

Her birthday on the 21 of May.