We are a community of artists

Talenthouse is a community for creative minds to collaborate with global brands, established artists and each other. Creatives always retain a 100% ownership of their work.

We provide life changing opportunities to build your creative career

Talenthouse has pioneered the Creative Invite. These are life changing opportunities presented by brands or established artists that give you the chance to receive cash compensation, mentoring, exposure and great contacts. We've had winners go on to have their films screened at Sundance, fashion worn by A-List celebrities, artwork presented at exhibitions, and music officially released and performed live. The host sets a creative brief that you are invited to submit to. Take a look today at some of the incredible opportunities live and waiting for you.

We help you grow your audience

Did you know you can grow your own social audience simply through entering one of our Creative Invites? All submissions are shared on Facebook & Twitter, meaning your work will be seen by millions. We've had many creatives receive job offers simply by participating in Creative Invites.

We help you find a sponsor

Did you know you can build your own portfolio on Talenthouse and have it sponsored? Our brand supporters are looking for great portfolios to sponsor. You can earn $15 for every 100 times your portfolio is shared. Over time this adds up enabling Talenthouse to help artists make money from making art. Right now we are working with Nokia, adidas eyewear and vitaminwater who want to know about your work and how they can support you.

We promote collaboration

We exist to help creatives collaborate with each other and make great art. Through our Member to Member collaborations, you can now reach out to our community, get funded and invite other artists to participate in your projects.

We empower artists, like you

We are 100% focused on empowering our creative community with the freedom and support to make more art. From Creative Invites, to Member Invites and sponsored portfolios, everything you do on Talenthouse is seen by the world and remains 100% owned by you.