HAPPY PRIDE! 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🌈

To celebrate Pride, we're focusing all our content on work that represents the LGBTQI+ community! To get started, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite #LGBTQI+ artists making waves across the creative industries!

Throughout the month, we’ll be getting to know a bit more about some of these creators as we hand over our platform to them, so please keep your eyes peeled for our collaborative content this June. But for now, let’s meet them. (all in their own words)


Tara Robertson 
Alexandria, Virginia, USA 

“My name is Tara! My pronouns are She/Her, and I was born in Alexandria, VA! I'm a queer/lesbian human being, who genuinely loves Love! I kind of became a photographer by accident...I originally wanted to be a writer...for Rolling Stone! Life had other plans, and so I decided to wing it and apply to Art School. I was shocked when I actually got in. After that, I dedicated my craft to photographing LGBTQ+ couples who weren't able to legally get married (yet!) I've been doing the damn thing ever since then! Learning, growing, and nurturing this passion that turned into my career!”



Ivson Laurenço
He/ Him 
Igarassu, Brazil

“Hi, my name is Ivson Laurenço. I'm 28 years old, I'm a gay photographer and visual artist from Pernambuco, a city called Igarassu in Brazil. I am a student and currently focus my work on portraying LGBTQIAP+ people from the metropolitan region of Recife. My work is very inspired by elements of our urban culture, fashion references from major magazines, and from pop and queer culture. Our bodies are violated in different ways in Brazilian society and even by the government itself. I draw inspiration from peripheral bodies to create narratives of acceptance, diversity, and egalitarian love. We live on the margins of society and our art is a way of expressing our existence and resistance.”


Andy Lime
She/ her 
Los Angeles, US

“For as long as I can remember I have always had a love for art. My drawings often depict a reimagined version of the world around me. Many are of places I have been or see every day, but much more colorful and vibrant. Over the years, as I grew into my queer identity, my art grew as well and changed quite a bit after I came out and became more open within myself. I was able to let go of all the rules I believed I had to follow and allowed myself to be free and imagine something brighter through my darkest moments. My work proudly celebrates all different bodies, identities, and sexualities in a colorful surreal world.”



Briana Ladwig
Lawrence, Kansas, USA 
@ _billustrator_

Briana Ladwig is a Black, queer, mama illustrator based in Lawrence, Kansas whose work centers around Black Liberation, decolonizing storytelling, generational healing, and Afrofuturism. She grew up learning to draw on the floor of her dad’s art studio, receiving a natural education from closely watching his work as a master book illustrator. She now draws inspiration from the cycle-breaking work of her ancestors and Black speculative fiction, especially the works of Octavia Butler. Bri’s favorite medium is lush, textured watercolors under detailed pen lines. She is currently working on an illustration/design degree at the KU while doing freelance illustration work from home.

“My personal work is a Liberation portal into a world where Black bodies freely experience joy and pleasure as a way of being, and where our ancestors are honored as divine and evolved extraterrestrial constructs who did the sacred work of cycle-breaking that their ceilings may be the floor from which their children launch and soar. The images of bees, hives, and honey illustrate a society that is organically and radically caring, creative, prolific, queer, and generative.”


Jhonatan Correa - Ziggy
Medellín - Colombia

“I'm Jhonatan Correa, I have a degree in Plastic Arts, and my work is widely related to design, illustration, drawing, and communication, which are the natural basis for constantly experimenting with concepts.

I've traveled many spheres in my cultural production; design, literature, publishing, illustration, cultural and artistic management, and even teaching... Many of them have arisen from internal questions related to the children's world and the spaces where the School-workshop pedagogy traditionally occurred ... to transmedia relations (television, characters, popular culture, children's animations) around concepts of childhood, otherness, identity, and their possible reading spaces such as childhood dreams and nightmares. These notions allowed me to take steps to literary creation, in which I developed content around character design, stories, and narratives that allowed me to continue with the constant revision of the concept of "childishness" as a curious language, which comes from play and interaction with others. This was one of the great reasons for creating Zigzay, a space to interrogate the constructions of traditional characters and give away with non-binary ideas (male/female) from basic exercises and the formal ways to make a character design matching narrative structures; This collective is very important to me because is a place of co-creation and co-direction where ideas close to the conception of gender emerge, contemporary narratives and creation from suspicions. This collective was created with Zay Cardona. Space is thought from the crossroads of disciplines: Design - psychology - anthropology - pedagogy - communication that allows these "characters" to contain complex narratives, related to the present and designed for a more open public.”


New York, USA

ggggrimes is a 26 year old Black non-binary lesbian artist from the Bronx, NY now based in Philadelphia, PA. Their work portrays queer people of color living happy, beautiful, and sexy lives. ggggrimes’ colorful artwork shows joyous and free worlds that every queer deserves. 



“I am a visual artist working across multiple mediums including painting, collage, drawing, installation, and, most recently sculpture. My practice is primarily concerned with the lives of queer people and the ways in which we exist in the world, both now and throughout history. I am currently participating in the Turps Banana Studio Programme 2020/21 and have a BA in Fine Art from the University of Brighton, with a specialism in Printmaking. I have also recently been awarded Arts Council funding to research queer spaces within public collections and produce a new body of ceramics in response. I have participated in various exhibitions in venues across London and other recent presentations include ‘I’m No Porcupine’, Homefinders, 2020; 'Looking at You’, Rose Lipman Building, 2019, and ‘Bodies’, Dalston Superstore, 2018. Alongside my artistic practice, I have been Curator for Pride in London and a part of Gedney Common, a collective of artists, designers, curators, writers, and researchers who produce creative and social projects, encouraging a plurality of voices with an emphasis on equality, diversity, and inclusion.”


This content was originally published on our sister site Ello.