So, we asked and boy did you lot deliver. Over 300 submissions came in for our Objects in the Wild creative augmented reality brief hosted with our friends at Spark AR. We loved discovering the weird and wonderful creations that you all brought to the life, and are excited to share the first beautiful cohort of winning submissions below.

There were 45 winners who each got a share of a prize pot. Here, we're diving into the stories behing 15 of the winning effects, and we'll drop the rest of the extraordinary submissions over the next few days.

If you enjoyed part one of the Spark AR challenge, or missed the moment, don't worry! We are already LIVE with part two, which is another challenge to create World AR effects. The prize pot is even bigger this time at $170,000 and you can submit up to 15 times (which means 15 chances to win!).


Right, now that little public service announcement is over. Let's take a look at some of the amazing work from augmented reality creators all over the world, below.

1. Our Future by Daria Vishnyakova, Russian Federation - Finalist

"I've shown my feelings about planet's future in this AR effect, because I am terrified at how much plastic is dropped into the ocean every year. This has a fatal effect on the ocean's ecosystem."


2. Prometheus by Jasper MoriItaly - Finalist

"This is the hand of Prometheus. An AR Sculpture. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is known for defying the gods and stealing fire from them, and giving it to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization."

3. Giant Dominos by Mateo Baldasare, Argentina - Finalist

"For this effect, I wanted to create a giant domino that you could push and it begins to fall down. I modeled the 3D dominos and created the textures in Photoshop. I used the object tap interaction to play the animation when the user taps on the domino. The user can also pinch the screen to change the size and placement of the dominos. I also created the sound design so the effect is more realistic." 

4. Dive by Vishal Yadav, India - Finalist

"This AR effect allows the user to experience swimming. The user can tap to place the Lake on a plane and then rotate the phone 180 degrees in a diving motion. This will take the user into the lake, then the user can move around and see the underwater world."  

5. Dancing Bird by Alex Unico, Mexico - Finalist

"I wanted to animate a funny dancing character, and came up with such a cool bird."

6. Virtual Clock by Aakash Mansukhani, India - Selected Creator

"As watches have been replaced by mobiles, with the help of this filter you can replace your clock with this dynamic timekeeping device. It shows time with great accuracy and even adjusts itself according to your timezone."

7. Surreal Space Portal by Yetsy Lozada, Mexico - Selected Creator

"Hello there! For my AR effect, I wanted to be able to explore a new dimension, going through a door like a portal into a surrealistic space. With glowing objects and a quote that reads 'The future is yours to create'." 

8. AR Dragon by Adhil Suresh, India - Selected Creator 

"At an ancient mountain's peak, you have found a magical dragon egg. All you need to do is to place the egg on your floor and tap on the egg. It will hatch into a tiny baby dragon. Now your incredible adventure can begin - play, train and snuggle with your cute pet. So now you can experience the moments of Raising a Dragon right inside your house. You experience everything from hatching an egg into a baby dragon to training and playing with him. Then you can also take cute selfies with your puppy, make hilarious videos and share them with friends."

9. Tube Man by Bram van de Ven, Netherlands - Selected Creator

"Remember The Incredible Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man? Now you can place this flexible buddy in your own space!"

10. Ocean Portal by Felipe Alves, Brazil - Selected Creator

"This filter is a portal that brings the user to an ocean scene, with god rays coming from the sunset. It's an immersive AR scene with animated waves and ambient sound."

11. Bubblefish by Daniele Ventura Batista, Brazil - Selected Creator

"This filter demonstrates how peaceful and happy it would be if we could see fish swimming around us. We would sit in a park and enjoy fish around us, like butterflies."

12. H_x by Harun Köktürk, Germany - Selected Creator

"My interpretation of the visual artist, writer, and sculptor Hedi Xandt‚ Blank Mask. Hedi Xandt shared a 3D model of his work at the beginning of the Pandemic to support creativity in these hard times of the creative industry and wanted us to get creative with it."

13. Peace by Jeferson Araujo, Brazil, Selected Creator

"The color blue in a butterfly is often thought to symbolize joy or a change in luck. In this AR Experience, I wanted the user to calm down and feel in a magical place, where you can rest and just feel nature taking over the place. You can see butterflies flying, fireflies, and even look up at a starry sky as you look up, while listening to the sounds of the forest taking over." 

14. Multiverse Portals by Luisa Manzin, United Kingdom - Selected Creator

Welcome to the multiverse exposition. Five monolithic portals show different perspectives of reality. Which one will you choose? They'll appear floating right in front of you one at a time, just wait and see. This AR experience is inspired by "Through the Looking Glass" and "Matrix". I'm a musician and a multidisciplinary artist, I work with visual, performative, and digital arts. I've already worked with digital expositions and just begun experimenting with AR experiences. 

15. Save Animal by Tân Dương, Vietnam - Selected Creator

"The project aims to increase knowledge and promote the protection of two endangered animals, elephants and rhinos. Besides encouraging people to protect and stop hunting and trading in ivory and rhino horn. Help them to survive and thrive."


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