Talenthouse Media Foundry, a revolutionary new platform that empowers game creatives to thrive independently, is now live!

We want independent game developers to be able to explore partnership opportunities and resources, connect with other creatives, and crucially access direct, exciting opportunities for revenue beyond games - all while retaining creative control of their IP.

This is an opportunity for game developers to elevate their game, and will bring opportunity for creatives to get paid to supply supporting materials.

While we’re soft-launching with expert content, our games analytics tool and exclusive market research, we’ve got much bigger plans. 


The next phase of Media Foundry will see the launch of Media Foundry PRO, where things will really step up a notch. If you’re getting a game together but need help promoting it, this is where Media Foundry can come in.

Media Foundry PRO will offer developers robust marketing and PR health checks for their games, alongside opportunities for our creative community to get involved and get PAID for providing artistic supporting assets;

  • Creative briefs run on Talenthouse.com, harnessing our community of over 14million creatives (that's you!) to create campaign materials (some previous examples from Best Friends and Star Trek)
  • Corporate and B2B development; creation of a corporate backgrounder, outreach to development and trade media.
  • Video, animation, static, 3D… any supporting content needed to launch a game
  • Social media and marketing support around game launch
  • Influencer campaigns to promote the game
  • A highly anticipated preview day, and game launch support in any other area developers need


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Visit the Media Foundry site here