That sounds a little threatening, doesn’t it? We mean this in a very, very good way

Recognising the struggle of independent Game developers to be able to successfully (and profitably) publish a game while retaining full rights to their IP, Talenthouse today announces the upcoming launch of Media Foundry.

Lovely name (thanks), but what exactly is it?

Talenthouse Media Foundry puts the control and the revenue back in the hands of creatives. Talenthouse Media Foundry is a cross media platform featuring industry-specific resources, enabling creatives across all creative media to develop their projects and businesses. We’re starting with a Gaming focus, but will eventually include film and tv, comics and graphic novels, fiction and YA fiction, and even music. 


Talenthouse Media Foundry is a platform that empowers creatives from all industries to super-charge their projects, by connecting them with the resources they need to succeed. By using Media Foundry, creatives retain creative control whilst accessing the resources and partnership opportunities that can take their project to the next level. This means marketing, funding, development, editing, production - basically any talent gaps you might be missing within your current project. 

We want to get your product launched, discovered and sold, and we want you to retain the IP.

The platform will have everything it needs to become the go-to space for independent media creators. It'll provide the skills, resources and connections for creatives to take their products to market and retain both creative control and company independence.

It's all starting with Games. Cheap access to tools has made game development accessible to far more creatives than ever before - fantastic! However, the route to market has never been trickier. Deals with publishers are one way to mitigate the risk, but come at a cost in revenue share, creative control and even IP ownership. Self publishing is possible, but in today’s competitive market, few independent developers have all the skills in house to ensure success. We want to change that balance, keeping control where it belongs - with the creatives.


We think there’s a better way. With our platform, game developers of all sizes and backgrounds have access to the people and resources they need to succeed, without having to give up that control.

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We're announcing Meida Foundry to the industry at this year's Develop conference in the UK. We'll be starting our Twitter account and providing conference updates throughout - follow us here! We'll also be posting updates on our LinkedIn page.