The city of Los Angeles has a new logo and it’s a neon, retro, sun-setting-over-the-sea dream.

The logo was designed by Studio Number One and House Industries, after they learned that they were both pitching for the same project and decided to join forces and work together rather than to compete. How wholesome. How L.A.

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The previous design, below, was almost ten years old and well overdue for an upgrade.

Old Los Angeles logo with blue script


Inspired by scripts from Mexican restaurants, hand painted signage and classic art deco, the logo has been released to launch the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board’s new advertising campaign ‘Your Comeback Starts Here’ (watch in the video below, if you're that way inclined).

The logo’s been given a few different iterations for use across social media, letterheads, television - you name it. Los Angeles resident and Talenthouse's Director of Global Marketing, Gilberto Jimenez, says he finds it "refreshing."

"It pays homage to the LA graffiti scene with the marker style of typography. The color gradient is very 80s, but represents the sunset gradients we get here during the summer really well," said Gilbert. But he did also add that the logo will "definitely take some time to get used to - it's divided people."


Los Angeles new logo 2021

Studio Number One’s Shepard Fairey spoke to Fast Company about the thought process and production that went into creating the logo, discussing the challenges of creating an image that appeals to as many people as possible. “The point was to make it open to interpretation for different people, and keep it distinct from what other cities are doing,” Fairey explained.

Los Angeles new logo 2021 in a circle

Don Skeoch, L.A. Tourism’s chief marketing officer, told the publication that the two biggest challenges were to create something that would appeal equally to businesses and tourists, and that didn’t use the abbreviation ‘L.A’ at all.

The turquoise, pink and gold palette certainly lends itself to sunshine and tropical summers, while the gradients manage to capture that sunset vibe pretty neatly.

Los Angeles new logo 2021 black

Read the full interview on Fast Company here.

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